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The image itself is from the exclusive cover to Pathfinder #1 comic book, featuring a few distinguished goblins dressed as some of Pathfinder's iconics. Printed with archival inks on 13" x 19" acid-free presentation paper (rated color safe to 120 years) this print was released as a Gen Con Exclusive and is limited to only 50 prints, signed and numbered by the artist, Tyler Walpole.

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Now available!

Will these be allocated in the order in which they are ordered?

(ie Will the first person to preorder get copy #1, etcetera?)


There is not a guarantee of the number you'll get on the limited print.

Bother. :/
Thanks, liz.

Shadow Lodge

*Looks closer*

Liberty's Edge

Very interesting...

The Exchange

*looks closer too*


oh my...

Scarab Sages


The Exchange

Seoni as a Goblin? That's just wrong...

Scarab Sages


Is this likely to be a regular thing? As in will every copy (or issue #2 in particular) be released as a poster? Or does "Gen Con Exclusive" mean it's too hard to organise more than once per year?

This is the Paizo #1 exclusive cover, not Gen Con :) I would like the Gencon one as a print too though... But mostly the cool #2 cover with Goblin-Jaws :D

The product description refers to it as a gen con exclusive edition. Maybe that's an error, but it could mean they're only going to do prints rarely.


Peanuts, I've clarified it a bit more. The prints were released at GenCon 2012, but the image is from the exclusive cover. :D

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Also, Paizo did not actually publish these; Tyler did a short run to sell at his Gen Con booth, and we agreed to bring back the remainder to sell for him.

Ahhh, okay. Thanks for the clarification you two :)

Silver Crusade

Are these still available? I know it said there were only 50 so I wasnt sure.

Webstore Gninja Minion

Yes! :D

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