Pathfinder Miniatures: Captain Colton Maldriss (PaizoCon 2011 Exclusive)

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Pathfinder Miniatures are 28mm white metal minis based on characters and creatures from Paizo's Pathfinder campaign setting.

Miniatures include a plastic slotted base. They are unpainted and may need some assembly.

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Good pose,average mini

***( )( )

The dynamic pose aside i was a little bit disappointed with this mini. It doesn't have the clear defined details that you usually get from reaper. His front arm molds together with the miniature in abit of a sloppy way and i had abit of trouble getting the hands/sword-piece to fit with the rest of the miniature.

But all and all, it's a solid figure, although abit below what i've come to expect from reaper.

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