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Venture North!

From the expansive taiga of the Northern Reaches, home to the nomadic cold elves, to the frigid peaks of the Scandinavian Mountains dotted with dwarven strongholds, the Cold North defines the top of the world. The entry point into this wild and boundless region is the human Union of Kalmar, a collection of territories viewed as barbaric by the cultured societies of Central Europe.

Kingdoms of Legend: The Cold North contains details on the people, places, and politics found here, a number of new regional and racial traits, and more. Brave the climate and countless predators to uncover secrets lost beneath the ice and snow!

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Liberty's Edge

Great new book by previously-Paizo-published author Thurston Hillman!

Includes a beautiful map by Jared Blando and art by Seth White and Kim Feigenbaum (one of our favorites!).

Paizo Employee Canadian Maplecakes

Thanks Brent!

This was an absolute pleasure to work on! I think it really fits in with the Kingdoms of Legend setting, but is different in that it (hopefully) gives more 'fluff' than most people are used to.

Oh, it's also very chilly. :)

Sczarni RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32

Great work on the setting! I'm really enjoying the Kingdoms of Legend line, and incorporating a lot into my home game. It was a real honor to do the artwork, and I'm looking forward to seeing the book in print!

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