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What do you get when you cross serialized TV shows with a pen & paper system?

You get one very confused producer.

Take a trip on the zany side of roleplaying with a rules lite, roleplay heavy, original game system. With hints taken from shows like Law & Order, Star Trek, Days of Our Lives, and many more episodic syndicated TV shows—what could possibly go wrong?

The system is somewhat abstract (employing things like Plot Armor and cliché tropes) and makes for a great one session game in ANY setting (seriously...we playtested a space opera, a medical drama, and even a western!) or a fun long term game! While it is often a great tool for games that employ a good deal of humor, its strength lays in its adaptability.


  • 57 pages (but who's counting?)
  • Bookmarked (for her pleasure)
  • Satirical (Well, we think so)
  • Doodles (Some people call it art)


  • “Pitches” (Premade premises & characters all set for a night of fun!)
  • Gaming Aids (Character Sheets, the famous “one page rulebook”, and printable result charts!)
  • The Book of Tropes (A supplemental book of tropes. Tropes are optional rules that, once enacted, apply for the rest of the game!)

Actual Quotes from our Public Playtesters

  • “It's as flexible as GURPS but doesn't take 200 pages to do it!”
  • “What did I just read? I liked it. But what did I just read?”
  • “This is somewhere between Munchkin and D&D... or maybe Savage Worlds.”
  • “If I blow a BS point to say my cyborg bear body has rocket fists, would that count for the full prop bonus?”
  • “It takes ten minutes to learn, ten minutes to make a character, and a week to get the images out of my head.” (In reference to the upcoming “1 page rulebook”)
  • “I don't get it. Who is Baygorth the Elder Slime?"

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