Pathfinder Tales: Blood of the City

4.20/5 (based on 17 ratings)
Pathfinder Tales: Blood of the City

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Heroes for Hire

Luma is a cobblestone druid, a canny fighter and spellcaster who can read the chaos of Magnimar's city streets like a scholar reads books. Together, she and her siblings in the powerful Derexhi family form one of the most infamous and effective mercenary companies in the city, solving problems for the city's wealthy elite. Yet despite being the oldest child, Luma gets little respect—perhaps due to her half-elven heritage. When a job gone wrong lands Luma in the fearsome prison called the Hells, it's only the start of Luma's problems. For a new web of bloody power politics is growing in Magnimar, and it may be that those Luma trusts most have become her deadliest enemies...

From visionary game designer and author Robin D. Laws comes a new urban fantasy adventure of murder, betrayal, and political intrigue set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

400-page mass market paperback
ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-456-6
ePub ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-457-3

Blood of the City is also available as a digital edition on the following sites:

Blood of the City is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Its Chronicle sheet and additional rules are a free download (229 KB zip/PDF).

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Average product rating:

4.20/5 (based on 17 ratings)

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A Fabulous Read


Like the previous review, I can't say too much because to do so would spoil the fun. Regardless, Blood of the City is a fabulous read. The presentation of how magic and spells are used, especially the Cobblestone Druid (Urban Druid from Adv. Player's Guide), breathes a sense of fresh air into what is often formulaic spell descriptions.

Also if you ever plan on running or playing a Pathfinder game in Magnimar, the descriptions of the city are marvelous.

I rated it 4 stars because the one thing that annoyed me was some poor editing (a couple of wrong words used) and in the digital verson, some formating issues (like a comma in the middle of a word).

But this is the second Robin D. Laws book I have read in a week and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Sickles, Politics, and Sawtooth Sabers oh my!


This novel is on par with Plauge of Shadows.

Sadly.. I cannot review what makes this story so great without spoiling it. All I can say is that it is a GREAT mystery novel.


The betrayal was so profound, my face agape as I read.
The conlcusion

"You loved me" she whispered. "And you killed me anyway."


sooooo good.

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Dark Archive

Jhaeman wrote:
Chapter 8 is titled "The Hells". I don't think the location features prominently elsewhere in the book, if memory serves.

I should specify, does this feature the first 6 levels or the last 3?

Starfinder Charter Superscriber

I don't remember anything along the lines of a discussion of different levels. I don't think it was extremely detailed about what the Hells is like, if you're looking for flavour for using the location in a game.

Silver Crusade

Belabras wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
Sooo, does this book feature Hells a lot? .-.
Nope. To date none of the books have dealt much with the Hells. Redemption Engine is the only one I can think of that does.

There's a prison in Magnimar called The Hells, is what they're talking about :3

Pathfinder Maps, Starfinder Maps Subscriber

The few pages about the hells is nothing deep or unique. Could have been a prison in any city of golarion, really.

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