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This office organizer is made of textured Ultrahyde with the Pathfinder Online logo embossed on the cover. Secure media panel holds an iPad and most other e-readers and tablets. Padfolio comes with 11" x 8.5" writing pad with 30 sheets of lined paper and velcro closure document holder. It has an organizational panel on the back of the media panel holder, perfect for pens or pencils. Padfolio dimensions: 13" x 10.5" x 15/16".

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Average product rating:

3.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Good for conventions


I love carrying this thing around at conventions. I got this as part of backing the Kickstarter and I have used it quite frequently. I primarily use it for playing Pathfinder Society games as it holds all my character sheets, my flash drive with all my hero lab files on it and my iPad 4.

The quality is pretty solid and I haven't noticed any wear/tear issues as of yet. The logo being black is good in my opinon as you could potentially use this for business purposes without anyone really noticing it is for a game. All around pretty good product. The only thing I would have liked is if it was a little bit thicker so you could fit a larger book or more papers in with the iPad without it feeling too cramped.

Great concept poor execution


I want to love this case but there's not much going for it that makes it worth the $30.

Pockets/storage. It has room to hold 4 pens/pencils/markers , 1 USB thumb drive, papers or a thin book like shown in the stock image and an additional sleeve in the front.

My iPad is not secure. The spacing of the elastic straps are too far apart and my iPad Air easily slips out. Not too mention the straps cover the power button and volume/ lock controls.

Too Big: the case is huge. I know it lists the dimensions but it's hard to really visualize it until you are holding it. It easily the size of a standard 3ring binder.

Pathfinder Online Logo: I'm not sure why it's even on it. It's black just like the case making it so hard to see, it might as well not be there at all.

I certainly would not use this as an everyday case. Overall it's too big to work off your lap, I tried using it during tonight's game session but because it takes up so much room, I just zipped it up and set it aside. Overall I'm pretty disappointed with it.

What does the cover look like? Does it contain any logos? Will it fit the IPad Air?

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I was wondering what the cover had too. H2Osw I am sure it will fit the iPad Air easily. based on what was in the picture.

I purchased it anyways. I'll let you know when I get it.

It's marked for shipping, I'll have a review up with 2 weeks. Paizo being where they are usually takes the full shipping time.

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The Padfolio has the "Pathfinder Online" logo embossed on the cover, and I'll update the product description to include this.

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Thanks Liz,
Also.. is there a way to get a picture of the cover as well?? ::so saying this in a hopeful manner:: :)

Am I allowed to post a link to a picture of the front?

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Will an iPad Mini fit in this?

Customer Service Representative

Psyblade wrote:
Will an iPad Mini fit in this?

We don't have one handy to test this with at the moment, unfortunately.

That said, one of the reviews says :
My iPad is not secure. The spacing of the elastic straps are too far apart and my iPad Air easily slips out. Not too mention the straps cover the power button and volume/ lock controls."

So I'm going to guess that an iPad Mini is likely too small.

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