Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep Granite Plaque

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The streets of Thornkeep are not safe at night, as this traveler found out! But turnabout is fair play as our cutpurse gets sized up by a gang of goblins! The hunter gets hunted!

This piece of granite features artwork by Wayne Reynolds from the cover of the Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep book for Pathfinder Online. The town of Thornkeep will feature prominently in Pathfinder Online and now you can show of this incredible piece of artwork with this limited edition collector's item!

Includes display stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Plaque is 7 3/8" by 5 1/2".

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Very nice alternative to the old miniatures.

****( )

This item immediately caught my eye when I browsed the store. I found it hard to believe that a granite plaque would have such a low cost. Now that I have the item, I am quit happy with it, even though I do not think it is made of granite. It certainly is made of heavy stone, however not granite but some sort of slate, but harder. The back is smooth, the sides are sharp and ridged, which is where the slate-like texture shows(micro structure of granite is granular and not layered).

The sides seem to have been laquered in some way(black), as well as the front I assume, after which the image was printed on it. There are very tiny anomalies in the print(about 6), as if minuscule bubbles were left, then popped, leaving a minuscule crater(less then a millimeter in diamter). However, this can only be seen very up close and even then is not annoying.

The print itself is colorful and detailed and looks great. It has a matte shine to it. It is off course not very big, it fits nicely on a shelf but certainly makes a good presence there (see description for size, which is correct). For comparison I would say the size is right in between the paperback and hardcover version of a popular novel (like Wheel of Time series or Game of Thrones)

The supports are made from a strong and dense plastic, and do the job of holding up the plaque just fine. In the box was also a plastic bracket(I'd say an inch by an inch) with a sticky patch that you could attach to the back of the plaque so that you can hang it on the wall. Not sure if that sticky tape would keep holding though, the plaque is quit heavy. Furthermore there was a "Certificate of Authenticity" in black and white printing in the box, that said Limited Edition 1/250. So apparently I have the first item of a limited series of 250.

On the back of the plaque a sticker with "made in China".

I received this article within 14 days in the Netherlands, Europe, very well packaged, in mint condition.

It looks great on my shelf!

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