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Appetizer gives a hint at the fun to come from the Red Dragon Inn Adventure Series. It has expanded drinking rules, Drinks, new Feats, and two characters from the popular Red Dragon Inn card game—Fiona the Volatile and Zot the Wizard.

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Now available!

when is the full thing coming out.

Azure_Zero wrote:


when is the full thing coming out.

The plan is for the line to start in august.

are you going to include all the Red Dragon Inn series characters or just the first four?

Joseph Blomquist:
I hope to use these drinking rules as I have made a interesting character that is a drinker for a game about two years ago.
A Martial arts Priestess who can drink like a fish, gets drunk easily, but does not pass out, and to top it off she oddly sees through any lies when drunk
and yes these were all actual rolls I did with the character during the whole game.

Any news on when it's coming out?

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Slugfest has announced a kickstarter, for what I assume this Appetizer is referring to.

Thank you

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Just noticed that the Kickstarter page says:

The Red Dragon Inn: Appetizer gives you a glance at what we’re planning after the Guide.

Support the Kickstarter.

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Excellent, I was hoping to see some noise about their Kickstarter - really, this looks fun!

Liberty's Edge

Yup. Got the Appetizer in printed form at Gen Con. I'm sharing the link to the kickstarter all over the place. I want to see this become a reality.


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Was this ever finished?

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Did anything ever come of this?

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