Coliseum Morpheuon: Anthology of Dreams

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From the seed of a dream, a host of brilliant worlds grow.

In the mysterious plane of Dream, across the vast and shifting Slumbering Sea, sits an impossible island which glimmers in the mind's eye like a beckoning alien star. There, within a chimeric arena wrought from pure crystaline terror, the monstrously charming Khan of Nightmares holds a tournament of bloodsport beyond imagination, drawing forth strange and powerful gladiators from across the multiverse to compete and kill in hopes of winning immortal glory and a cup that runneth over with wishes. To and fro beneath the dark shadow of the Coliseum Morpheuon, dreams are born, live, and die.

Clinton J. Boomer and Jonathan McAnulty's acclaimed Coliseum Morpheuon set the stage and the standard for epic adventure past the bleeding edge of reality--and now that legacy of glorious dreams and terrifying nightmares continues. Inspired authors of game and fantasy including Steven E. Schend ("Blackstaff," "Blackstaff Tower"), L. Jagi Lamplighter ("Prospero's Daughter" trilogy), Tim Hitchcock (Pathfinder Adventure Path #31: "Stolen Land"), Neil Spicer (Pathfinder Modules: Realm of the Fellnight Queen), and many more, reveal the myriad facets of this creative jewel and herein spin tales of haunting nightmares, dauntless dreamers, and the limitless possibilities of the world that is born and breathes anew each time we close our eyes.

Open these pages and dare to leave the waking world behind.

Available in mobi (kindle), ePub, and PDF.

Pages: 207
Cover Illustration: Jason Rainville

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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