Pathfinder Society Scenario #3–26: Portal of the Sacred Rune (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 7–11.

The Pathfinder Society has secured one end of a portal from Golarion leading to an isolated demiplane rife with adventuring opportunities. Now all that remains is gaining control of the other end, thereby ensuring safe and continued use by Pathfinders for years to come. The PCs are selected as the best chance the Decemvirate has of claiming the portal for their own.

Written by Sean McGowan.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

4.10/5 (based on 9 ratings)

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A fun 4 hours


The scenario has a nice mix of enemies and tactics along with interesting abilities. The adventure's story is good and the flavor was very appreciated.

My only issue with it was that the faction missions were not well-written or made more clear and the players had a difficult time doing some of them.

Into the well, new GM's may face hazards


The map was great I hope future PFS maps use this cartographer. To gm this one I constructed small rooms and described the journey relying on atmosphere rather than a huge mega map. After some feed back from GenCon I did a 180 on map presentation, ditching gaming paper printing this great map out some rooms 2x. Tileling room to room.

I earlier gave this a 4 star review now after running it at GenCon. I am planning on running this locally for my players. So what has changed, I have GM'd it a couple times but as I prepare this thing again, I am looking at better ways to present this as a whole.

For GM's prepare prepare and prepare some more. This scenario is perhaps the best box of sand your players can play in. After 2 sessions, in both instances did things I did not prepare for.

Map, this will be your biggest obstacle in preparing. Predraw this, fog of war this. Create your map in advance.

Miniatures, try to bring relevent miniatures for each NPC, PC's may face.
Enviroment, there are some very important rules that you may need for this.

Effects create a list of all effects and spells players may have to face you may want to bring a condition card.

If a GM reviews this scenario and has questions feel free to PM me. Hopefully I can be of assistance.

As far as the other reviews, the map is great what you do with it is what matters, and Axe if you consider it is a sequel of sorts to Storming, Aspis makes sence as well as the Introduction.

Paizo please keep this author employed.



While the premise of the module is nice, I'm dropping it two stars for the map. It looks beautiful on the print out, then, as a GM, you have to draw it. First off, I've looked multiple times, and read the intro, and nowhere does it list the scale of the map. Due to the size, I'm assuming it's 5' squares, but recently mods have come up with 10' squares, so confirmation would be nice.

Secondly, drawing this thing is a nightmare. the stair drawings make it hard to even count the squares to get it drawn properly.

I will say I enjoy how it wraps up the season. But as a GM, I can't give this any more stars due to map issues.

PFS Review


I have played this in PFS. I have neither run nor read it.

I had a blast playing this at PaizoCon. It had cool "traps" and a neat boon that ties in well to season 4.

The BBEG is satisfyingly difficult although a bit of a slog.

Setting doesn't quite make sense though. Why isn't this place completely swarming with Aspis ready to kill us? Instead it's got about 10 almost comically incompetent agents just hanging out.

Still quite enjoyable though.

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Web Product Manager

Announced! Cover image is a mockup.


Author announced!

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Oh, neat. I've been board-distracted for a while and hadn't even noticed the author announcement had gone through. Cool, I can step out of the cone of silence!

Hope this brings enjoyment to the hearts of players and GMs alike; after my previous (and first) scenario had me coming up with wacky minigames to play in a somewhat nontraditional adventure, it was a lot of fun to just sit back and get my dungeon crawl on for this one.

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Why is the product now marked "unavailable"?

Grand Lodge

Will this scenario be getting released or has it been delayed?

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Should be displaying correctly now!

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Thanks, AxeMurder0, for your review! Glad you enjoyed it. (Sadly, I can't take credit for the boon, that being something added entirely from the development end. I got a kick out of seeing it on the chronicle sheet, though... quite neat!)
To answer your question as to the number of baddies (or at least shine some light on what I was thinking);


well, the easy answer is that I needed to save some encounters to introduce the other enemies in the adventure. The in-campaign justification I went with for that was that this was basically the Aspis' very last stand as far as holding on to the portal went; the majority of their resources have been whittled away by the Pathfinders over the past year's worth of operations inside the Tapestry (and, presumably, in the tapestry side of the portal). What remains in this is just the bare bones command center for the Tapestry operation; they know they're in trouble and have sent for reinforcements, but those are going to be slow to arrive since they'd need to travel overland. Which, I'll admit, may not come across too well to players; it's all in the adventure background text, but this not being the most RP heavy of adventures, it's questionable how much of that you'd get a chance to discover along the way.
In retrospect, I could possibly have gone with large quantities of extremely lower level opponents, which would have made this feel more like a fortified 'base' while giving players the satisfaction of chopping through big chunks of puny mooks. Oh, well. hindsight.
Glad you had fun regardless!

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Played this mod at PaizoCon12 and really enjoyed it. I'm prepping it to run for my home group. The map however is messed up. Not in the way that most of the other people have complained about. (I agree with most of the other people complaining about the map in that respect).

The final encounter isn't listed on the map ANYWHERE. In the middle of the left side of the map there is an arrow from a set of double doors that points to a little map note that says "to [squiggle]". Just now I re-downloaded the mod to make sure that I have the newest version and sure enough "to [squiggle]" is still there. In addition the cut away map doesn't list it there either. The only way you know that the boss creature is part of this map is by looking at the map provided for the boss. That map has a map note stating "to H [arrow]" so you at least have a clue where to start the PC's into the room.

I remember playing the boss creature at PaizoCon12 and I know what came into that room in the wrong direction. We came in from the south between to statues. I'm guessing that's because he couldn't decipher the map.

I will agree with others that I don't really understand the map. The cut away helps, but I get the feeling that the players aren't really supposed to "have battles" in the halls. PC's just linearly move from encounter to encounter. I'm not complaining about the linearity, just that with the map it made impossible to have a hall battle or even understand what the author intended for the hallways and their function(s).


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Played this scenario today, loved the layout of the dungeon and interesting encounters. Just enough brutality to make it interesting without being overkill as a 7-11 scenario. Looking forward to running it myself in the future.

So I am to run this adventure in the near future and had a look at the map, which is a bit funky... I intend to print it all out then cut and mount it to make a 3d version of the map and the well - its a great map, but the 2d flattened image detracts from the interesting parts and makes it confusing. Perhaps printing it out, cutting it up, and then mounting it on a number of stands will work, or perhaps that's waaay too much effort. Time will tell!

Well of tainted virtue map...

All the rooms are individually put together, and can be mounted as the party discovers/uncovers them!

I could paint it up and do a lot of final touches, but reckon this is plenty playable for the SINGLE session it will be used for.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Thanks for the inspirations!

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...oh, my GOD, Shifty, that's awesome.

Paizo Employee Developer

Great work on that terrain, Shifty! I'm seriously impressed. I hope your players appreciate it!

Thanks guys, I liked the map, but it seemed a little confusing presented on a two dimensional plane.

I have made up the Lisalla statue, as well as the one in the bathhouse (yes the bath is actually recessed in the terrain too!) and if I get time I might just go ahead and paint up the well too - overkill for something that will only ever get used once for a few hours, but its sorta fun.

It all started when I started building ships for other PFS scenarios - now its a strange addiction to make the maps all 3d.

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