Kingdoms of Legend—Adventures: Ninja Attack! (PFRPG) PDF

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When Ninja Attack!

The Kingdoms of Legend Adventures line of PDFs present a single 4-hour night of roleplaying action. Suitable for use at a game convention or as a one shot adventure, these products come complete with 6 pre-made player characters.

In this episode, a powerful Silk Road merchant has hired the services of the deadly ninja of the Hasu Clan. He wishes his most treacherous rival eliminated, once and for all. The PCs take on the roles of the ninja strike team to infiltrate the lavish desert estate and complete the bloody task.

An adventure module for six 10th level ninja (characters provided)!

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Liberty's Edge

Six 10th level ninja are difficult to challenge.

This adventure was run as an event at Gen Con Indy 2012, and I hear that it was a bit on the bloody side in terms of difficulty. A few of the ninja did not make it through the adventure, which is a great thing for a one-shot module, in my (sometimes mean GM) opinion.

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