Avalon Adventures—Vol 3, Issue #1: Search for the Snow Dancer (PFRPG) PDF

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Fast and Fun, that's the goal of Avalon Game's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line of Adventures. Each issue will bring you a small adventure, one that can be dropped into any campaign, used as a single one shot night of fun, or turned into a more complex and longer series of adventures. The goal is to give GM's something that will bring an easy night of fun to their game, without having to cost and arm and a leg doing so.

Don't wait, get all the adventure you will even need and come sit at the Round Table of Fun with Avalon Games.

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1.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Pathfinder? Where? I don't see it.


I've been wanting to check out at least one of Avalon Games' products for a while now, and now I have.

So what do you get for $1.50? A couple of pages worth of fluff. This could have been enough for me, if... the story here were worth anything. Unfortunately, everything seems very vague and lacks any kind of detail. But this isn't the worst part about this product...

The Avalon Adventures: Search for the Snow Dancer bears the Pathfinder logo (and OGL), but there is no reason for this, other than to fool people into buying it. I did not find one single word of Pathfinder-related stuff. They could surely have used a couple of magical items for the reward section, but as with everything else... this section is also very vague, leaving everything up to the GM.

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