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After years of adventuring and narrow escapes from dungeons (and other merchants!), Toeslicer goblin peddler Pug is ready to assist you with all your adventuring needs. Sure, he's got competition from that other goblin huckster but Pug is as trustworthy as they come! He invites you to stop by his tents and see the amassed treasures...which you can have if the price is right.

Tent #1 includes the following valuable items for sale:

  • Dragon's Blood
  • Lucky Tortoise Shell
  • Seing Stone
  • Vampiric Chakram
  • Faerie Mist
  • Canopic Jars of Khasekenej

and the following spells:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Draconic Servant
  • Lycanthropic Bite
  • Prismatic Blade

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Average product rating:

4.00/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Goblin merchant! Who knew!


Really enjoyed this one: nice, simple and affordable! I won’t analyze this product, since Enzeitgeist already did an awesome job of it!

Ahhh those Krafty Goblin Merchants


Pug's introduces us to yet another enterprising goblin, looking to make a buck selling those special treasures, you know, the ones they keep in the back. This PDF weighs in at 9 pages, with a full page OGl and a cover that doubles as our Intro to Pug, and his Tent. The formatting is dual column, with no grammatical errors that I saw.

Introduced to us within Pug's tent are six items and four scrolls
Dragon's Blood Small army in a jar...Was really kind of hoping in the description it would of been clear on whether you have to pour out the entire contents to get the results. Liquid poured forth gets you a small army of metallic humanoid constructs for a limited amount of time
Lucky Tortoise Shell A shield that literally shields you, sanctuary effect under the right circumstances.
Eavesdropping Pug's first scroll offering, it has potential. Was more interested in the subtle combat tactics offered up on the Sphinx NPC in the adventure hook for this spell scroll.
Seeing Stone The classic stone with a hole. You have to appreciate the purity of the simple magic items sometimes, and this item delivers.
Vampiric Chakram Ok...injure your foes and gain hit points...all in one Xena inspired Boomerang Frisbee of Death toss....not gonna lie, was not thrilled with this one.
Draconic Servant Another scroll, this one creating shadow based illusions that will do your bidding...could be useful....yes..yes indeed....
Faerie Mist Bottled Faerie Mist...BOTTLED FAERIE MIST!!!!! Does it get any funnier??? I mean, honestly, the thousand and one uses for this...instant cloud of confusion, wherever you need it. I so want to paint the sides and slip it onto a shelf in a busy tavern...(evil grin)
Lycanthropic Bite Third scroll, and quite possibly the best of the three. Bestows on whatever creature it is cast upon the ability to infect those it bites with lycanthropsy, even though the creature can be a non-magical, non-lycanthropic normal animal itself. I foresee a coven of witches castings this upon a farmers herd, or a stable of horses, perhaps the town's dogs...oh the possibilities are endless. {evil edit} Bunnies..there must be bunnies.
Canopic Jars of Khasekenej Three Different Jars, Three Different Undead. Yours to use over and over...just don't break the one rule.
Prismatic Blade Fourth and final scroll, allows you to essentially infuse a weapon with a prismatic effect so that on successful attacks you would roll against the effect chart and add an effect to the damage as well.

One of the cooler features to Pug's is that the material is written so that Pug himself is trying to sell you the items, and is therefore giving you colorful backstory as to where the item came from, how much danger and adventure he put his poor little hide through to be able to have the chance to sell it to you...you get the idea. It's cool, it adds a nice flavor. Then the adventure hook ideas go and screw that up, by constantly "Breaking Character". Right after getting the sales pitch from Pug for an item, we're presented with an adventure hook that suggests we've found the item on a dead man, and now own it with no clue as to what it is, or does, but suggests we figure it out soon, for our own safety. Another item suggests it is being used against us by a local guild...I don't get it, why present all of this from the viewpoint of a customer talking to Pug, and then go so far off the rails with the Adventure Hook Ideas, really was a let down.

As far as Artwork goes, it's all B&W, six pieces total: the cover and five of the items. The pieces are decent to good, none of them falling to low in quality, I'd have to pick the Canopic Jars as the best piece of art. The PDF is also bookmarked for each item for ease of search, always a plus.

Throughout Pug's stories of how he came to have the items and scrolls he's selling he drops names and places, reasons why he may or may not be welcome in certain circles. It's a treasure trove of details for a Gm to plumb for hooks regarding further adventure and encounters for party members who might purchase any of these items from our enterprising goblin friend.

I'm rating this PDF a 4. Several good items, some interesting spells, decent art and bookmarks. I'm going to notch the "breaking character" of the Adventure Hooks up to those are for the Gm, whereas Pug would be talking to players, and let that slide. I would really have loved to have seen a statblock for Pug, and will hope if he restocks the tent for future business that perhaps we shall see some numbers for him.

Affordable nice items and spells


This pdf is 9 pages long, 1/2 page front cover, 1page SRD, leaving 7.5 pages of content, so what exactly is this?

Pug seems to be a distant relative of Kragnar in that he is an enterprising goblin vendor and thus, this pdf contains some of his wares. A cool unique feature is that all entries are prefaces by the goblin merchant actually praising his wares in character, helping you rp the act of purchasing the items and spells.

The first item we get is the vial of so-called Dragon's blood, which essentially is a vial of silvery liquid that, once poured from the flask, turns into some constructs that serve your whim, making for a neat take on the traditional legend of the army from a dragon's remains. The entry comes with stats for the constructs.

The Lucky Tortoise shield is up next - a specific shield that makes for a nice low-level reward and comes with a nice narrative. It should be noted that all items herein come with information on auras, construction etc. Each item/spell also includes an adventure hook.

The next offer included is the eavesdropping spell, which grants you limited clairaudience in 120 ft. I'm usually quite wary of divinations, but this particular one feels like investigative/espionage gold. Nicely done!

A nice iconic item is the iconic seeing stone: A stone with a hole inside - glimpse through it to see invisible creatures without making the benefit permanent - a nice solution that helps keeping magic feel magical.

In contrast, the vampiric chakram is rather bland - it's a returning chakram can hits its foes with vampiric touch. Ok, I guess.

The Draconic Servant-8th level spell is probably what high-level shadow-illusionists have been clamoring for, finally delivering a way to create a quasi-real draconic servant to unleash upon your foes.

Faerie Mist is another item that is a boon to spies/infiltration adventures - once smashed, the vials unleash a confusion-inducing fog cloud. Neato!

Lycanthropic bite is a spell I'd consider a great plot-device - via a short ritual, you enable an animal to spread lycanthropy! I won't have to explain to amount of plots you can craft from that, don't I?

Next up are the 3 Canopic jars of KHasekenej, which essentially are undead in a bottle. Ähem...urns. They can be reused, btw.

Finally, prismatic blade offers an extremely cool new spell option for arcane casters and magi especially by bringing an enchantment similar to the iconic spells, but less powerful to one's melee weapons.

Editing and formatting are top-notch, I didn't notice any glitches. Layout adheres to a printer-friendly no-frills b/w-2-column standard and the b/w-artworks, as far as I could tell, are original and capture the items well - plus, we actually get 6 pieces of artwork. Nice! The pdf also comes with bookmarks. Pdfs like this live from their content and Pug's Bazaar actually offers you more killer than filler. While I was not necessarily blown away by the vampiric chakram (item with standard quality + spell-like ability equals lame in my book), I enjoyed the IC-narratives, the adventure hooks and like how the items and spells potentially create their own adventures. My benchmark to compare this pdf against is the Loot 4 Less line by SGG and this offering by Tessa Maria Cavagnero holds up quite well.Taking the very fair and low price into account, my final verdict will be 4.5-stars, rounded down to 4. Nice first offering!

Endzeitgeist out.

Now available! See what Pug has "in store" for you in this first of many tents!

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So 6 magic items and 4 spells? Hopefully it has some alchemy and or herbalism items too now or in the future.

Dark_Mistress wrote:
So 6 magic items and 4 spells? Hopefully it has some alchemy and or herbalism items too now or in the future.

I think those can be arranged!

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Cool, will be adding this to my January shopping cart list.


Reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Cheers!

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Nice review End.

Thanks, D_M! This one is rather nice and pleasantly surprised me for the very low price...

Thanks much for the review, End!

Finally grabbed a copy, some interesting things in Pug's tent...now when are we getting stats for Pug???

I propose a design Pug contest...

KTFish7 wrote:

Finally grabbed a copy, some interesting things in Pug's tent...now when are we getting stats for Pug???

I propose a design Pug contest...

Thanks for the review! As for Pug's stats, well, we'll have to wait and see....

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