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German ExpressionismE now fun! Wacky Wobbler featuring the robot Maria from the sci-fi movie Metropolis. Still a classic, over 80 years after its release!

This haunting Metropolis Maria Bobble Head is based on the 1927 science-fiction movie Metropolis, still a classic over 80 years after its release! The Wacky Wobbler stands approximately 6-inches tall, in all her robot glory. German ExpressionismE now fun!

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Silver Crusade

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Get your novelty Brigh idols here!

The wacky wobbling is a divine miracle in itself!


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Perhaps a repaint with a suitably bronze color is in order... :D

Silver Crusade

I'd do it, but if I tried to fit this into a model map of a temple of Brigh the players will probably want an explanation for the proportions.

"Uh...the temple was built by gnomes. Yeah, that's the ticket."


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Well...Look at it this way. A lot of ancient cultures tended to emphasize certain parts of the body according to how important they thought it was. (Read: fertility idols.) Certainly a temple to Brigh would emphasize the head (and hands) as those are where the spark of creativity emerges from and the tools which to craft it?

Silver Crusade

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Y'know, I can totally see taking that even further and representing only the head, with the focus of the temples architecture focusing on it and having all sorts of piping/wiring/assorted-machinery flowing from it, making it the literal head and maybe heart of the temple itself.

Kind of getting this image similar to SHODAN now, with more bronze and a lot less malevolence and crazy.

edit-Not to derail a product thread for wacky wobblers or anything. am buying one to make up for this

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Silver Crusade


challenge accepted, i'm going to need to buy two of these


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