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Welcome to Codex Draconis, the line of products that gives you what you need to drop dragons into your games with a minimum of effort and a maximum of options. Here, in the fifth volume of our line, we present options and alternatives for a dozen white dragons, covering every age category of the pale hunters of artic mountains, frozen deserts, and chilled tundra. Each age category also has three pregenerated treasure hoards, some alternative monster builds, and suggestions on how to build even deadlier dragon encounters.

Dragons are among the most iconic, and most popular, of all fantasy roleplaying game foes. Once the domain exclusively of higher-level adventures, dragons now have rules for every stage of life. This means that wet-behind-the-ears PCs can face dragons early in their careers (though likely they will be facing dragons the size of housecats). To ensure that a dragon is always just the right threat for PCs of any level, dragons are given twelve stages of life that, when combined with the many different types of dragons, creates a range of CRs from 2 to 22.

The problem with that, of course, is that it requires a lot of stat blocks, and those take up room. To save space, instead of presenting a full write-up of every dragon at every age category, the game’s creators present a set of rules outlining how to write up dragons, and then give a few examples of each type. As a result, although you can find a dragon of the right CR for an encounter, it takes a considerable amount of work to get that dragon ready for the game.

To help with that problem, the fine folks at took on the job of creating full stat blocks for every true dragon of every type, and when we expressed an interest in using those as the starting point for our Codex Draconis line, they were kind enough to give us their blessing. In addition to their dragon write-ups, Codex Draconis: White Terrors of the North presents additional material to expand the ways you can use these dragons and allows you to drop them into your campaign.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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And the world shall freeze, and the Wyrms shall play


The Codex Draconis series collects within it's pages the statblocks detailing the CR levels for the five basic chromatic dragons. There's the short answer I give folks when they ask me what this series is. I then proceed by explaining that the books, this one being no exception, also go into great detail pertaining to an individual hoard for not only each CR level, but for the three different speeds of advancement as well. And lets be clear here, by individual hoard I don't mean x amount of gold, x amount of art, oh no, here we see detail such as the below hoard, taken straight from a fast advancement, lower level White Dragon:

(2,400 gp): climber's kit (80gp), masterwork armored coat (200gp), silver comb with moonstones (200gp), cold iron masterwork battleaxe with a large black pearl in the haft (1020gp), wand of detect magic (375gp), 5 blue sapphires (50gp, 35gp, 25gp, 20gp, 15gp), 376gp, 30sp, 100cp.

You will notice that not only does a hoard entry detail the usual (coin count, armor, weapon), but the individual gemstone value is given, not some average. The weapon is detailed as to give it more of a reason the dragon would of taken it in the first place, turning it back into a piece of treasure instead of a random weapon. The addition of the comb I absolutely loved, to have items within hoards that are not weapons/armor or simply generic coins/gems is an excellent touch, and reminds us these creatures collect their hoards based on different values then humanity would per say. The wand I am on the fence about though. I see the need for at least one magical item, and in all fairness it is a fabulous item to hand over to a lower level group without having to give them too much power, but, I would have loved to have seen the item get a little more personal attention as per the axe or comb perhaps.

As well as detailing hoards, and giving lair options for each age range throughout the dragon's life, this handy tome also explores the concept of minions and allies. Going into the theories of not only what might a white dragon ally itself with, but why, and how. Practically every CR is presented with the concept of running an encounter as Dragon+ detailing several options ranging from kobold tribes to frost giants, human conspirators, elementals and golems. There is enough crunch in the concept of what would ally with a white dragon to satisfy practically anyone.

We are also presented with the variable build concepts, the more specific or specialized dragon throughout the entire CR progression, from the hit and run strategist, to the insane fire magic wielding white dragon (yes, you read that write). Every one of these options further allowing for the ease of tweaking your beast just enough to keep your players on their toes when facing your frozen scaly nightmare.

The artwork is all B&W except for the cover (which is one of the more interesting interpretations of the white dragon in my opinion), and ranges from ok to fabulous. The formatting and editing are all solid, I didn't see any mistakes, spelling or otherwise.

Overall, this book would make a solid addition to a GM's toolbox, and is well worth the money. I give it 5 stars.

Want stat blocks and hoards for white dragons?


White Terror of the North by Super Genius Games

This product is 27 pages long. It starts with a cover and Intro. (1 ½ pages)

Dragons (24 ½ pages)
Each entry has a full stat block, 3 sample hoards, advice on how to make things tougher and some alternative builds. The CR's for the stat blocks are 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, and 18/21. The last one is a alternative build with extra stuff on the normal CR 18 dragon making the encounter a CR21.

It ends with a OGL and Credits. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. The art work is black and white and ranges from meh to pretty good. This is so far likely the best art of the series. Editing and layout where good. I didn't notice any obvious errors. As I have mentioned before I am not a huge number cruncher. I didn't notice any stat block errors though but I freely admit I am not great at spotting them. I am more if it looks right and looks like it will play well I just go with it. The hoards are all well done with a few interesting items, such as fur lined shoes of some value and such. I like things like that personally. I really could find not fault with this one. I would have liked there to have been more advice on tactics for the dragons though, to help out newer GM's where the more likely people to want this product. Even just a paragraph or two would have been nice. So what's my rating? Well it gives exactly what it claims it gives and I couldn't find any flaws so I am giving it a 5 star review.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

Super Genius Games

Written by Las Vegas Venture Captain and NeonCon's own Doug Daulton, the last of the chromatic dragons is now live!


These are all so awesome!

So what's next? Metallic dragons or primal dragons?

Dark Archive


Scarab Sages

Dark_Mistress wrote:

Thanks for the review!

The Exchange

Dark_Mistress wrote:

Thanks for the kind review!

Am wondering with this being the last of the "classic" Chromatics, are we going to be seeing Metallics? Crystalline? Perhaps a Codex dedicated to the Dracolich, or the Asian themed dragons, or even the elemental dragons....ok, so basically I guess what I'm getting at here is, are there going to be more in the series??

The Exchange

KTFish7 - Thanks for the kind review. I am glad you liked this little group of variant white dragons!

Scarab Sages

KTFish7 wrote:
Am wondering with this being the last of the "classic" Chromatics, are we going to be seeing Metallics? Crystalline? Perhaps a Codex dedicated to the Dracolich, or the Asian themed dragons, or even the elemental dragons....ok, so basically I guess what I'm getting at here is, are there going to be more in the series??

First, thanks for the review!

Second, the jury is still out on more Codex Draconis. The series sold well, but not gangbusters, and they are more expensive and time consuming than most of our books to make. I'm not convinced any other set of dragons will sell numbers as big as the Chromatics did, and lower sales would hurt.

Of course, fan feedback is always a factor in these decisions...

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