Dead Snow

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Ein! Zwei! Die!

Get ready for the film that shocked Sundance, rocked Europe and knocked American horror fans out of their seats: When a group of medical students take a sex-and-booze-fueled ski vacation to a remote cabin in the Norwegian Alps, they uncover a dark secret from WWII that resurrects a battalion of uncontrollable, unstoppable and extremely undead Nazis. What follows is a blitzkrieg of bloodshed, body parts and action-packed zombie carnage that The New York Observer hails as relentless thrills, unimaginable horrors and a shock ending guaranteed to make you scream out loud! Writer/director Tommy Wirkola spares no amount of flesh-chomping, intestine-ripping, and chainsaw-slicing to deliver perhaps the finest Nazi Zombie movie of our time and one of the most ferocious, outrageous and over-the-top horror hits of the year!

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I saw this movie at best buy. I'm a big fan of the Nazi Zombie mode on Call of Duty so I had to check it out. Wrong, it belongs in the trash. One of the worst movies I ever saw, almost as bad as Charlie's Angels. Dubbed, lame story, low budget, jokes were hard to see as jokes, and not even a speck of nudity to help me justify the purchase. Wish I would saw this here to review it before people wasted their money on it

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