Rolemaster Third Edition RPG: Pulp Adventures

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Pulp Adventures gives you everything you need to run adventures in the pulp genre. From GM guidelines on the nature of the era to detailed mechanics about the heroes, to guidelines on how to resolve dramatic chase scenes.

Here is what you will find inside...

Three new professions for characters in the pulp world - the Academic, the Technician, and the Noble Savage. More than a dozen new training packages. Details on how to adjust the RMSS skill system for use in the pulp era. Customized uses for background options. Guidelines on how to use Weapon Law to provide a fully detailed combat system for the modern world. Details on how to use magic in the pulp era. Equipment lists for characters in the pulp world. A timeline of major events for the pulp era. Lists of motion pictures, radio shows, serials, dances, and personages of the era.

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