Rolemaster Cyberspace RPG: Death Valley Free Prison

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Another silent, savage dawn breaks over the Mojave Desert and its inhabitants--the greatest concentration of abhorrent criminal slime on the face of the earth.

As the sun rises, the road becomes a 140 degree sun-baked inferno. A sand-parched wind howls through the open window of your straining interceptor coupe. The fuel gauge flirts with "E" and your watter cans clatter empty in the back seat. Time for a little resupply--who will today's victim be?

The Death Valley Free Prison (DVFP) encompasses over 4000 square miles of hell-on-earth. Within its borders dwell half a million depraved Gangmembers, battlescarred Mercenaries, renegade Netheads, demented Road Warriors, psychopathic Felons, and other assorted social rejects. It's easy to get in, but just try to escape.

This sourcebook provides you with the following:

A 17" x 22" two-sided full color map of the DVFP and surrounding environs. A wealth of source material on the most dangerous, unforgiving prison on earth. Numerous layouts, NPCs, and organizations working the DVFP. An extensive new equipment listing. A complete introductory adventure in the Death Valley Free Prison.

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