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Are you ready for the ravaging horde?

This minis set contains over 150 orc miniatures for your roleplaying game. Every base class from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game has a miniature (and a few prestige classes as well). Favored orc mounts, such as the fearsome warbeast, dire bear, and wyvern are included, as well as dreaded orc slavers and tribes for every terrain orcs are known to be found. Easily mark the various tribes with war banners featuring some of the more infamous clans of Golarion: Dead Eye, Empty Hand, and Skull Eaters. With this set, you'll never worry about having enough orc miniatures for your game (and you'll have plenty of choices for your lead orc)!

This set contains the following miniatures:

  • Adept (2)
  • Alchemist (2)
  • Antipaladin (2)
  • Arcane trickster
  • Ashvawg tamer
  • Assassin
  • Barbarian (2)
  • Bard (2)
  • Battle herald
  • Bull (Large)
  • Cavalier (2)
  • Cave bear (Large)
  • Child (6)
  • Cleric (2)
  • Commoner (2)
  • Crow (2)
  • Darklands orcs (6)
  • Desert orcs (6)
  • Dire boar (Large)
  • Dog, biter (2)
  • Dog, fighter (2)
  • Dragon disciple
  • Druid (2)
  • Duelist
  • Expert (2)
  • Fighter (2)
  • Gunslinger (2)
  • Grask Uldeth
  • Holy vindicator
  • Horizon walker
  • Inquisitor (2)
  • Jungle orcs (6)
  • Loremaster
  • Magus (2)
  • Mammoth (Huge)
  • Master chymist
  • Master chymist (Large)
  • Mastodon (Huge)
  • Monk (2)
  • Mountain orcs (6)
  • Mystic theurge
  • Nature warden
  • Ninja (2)
  • Noble (2)
  • Oracle (2)
  • Owlbear (Large)
  • Paladin (2)
  • Plains orc (12)
  • Rage prophet
  • Ranger (2)
  • Rhino (Large)
  • Rogue (2)
  • Samurai (2)
  • Shadowdancer
  • Slavers (6)
  • Sorceror (2)
  • Stalwart defender
  • Summoner (2)
  • Tribal banner, Bloodtrail Clan (7)
  • Tribal banner, Broken Spine Clan (6)
  • Tribal banner, Dead Eye Clan (6)
  • Tribal banner, Death's Head Clan (6)
  • Tribal banner, Empty Hand Clan (7)
  • Tribal banner, Skull Eaters Clan (6)
  • Tribal banner, blank blue (7)
  • Tribal banner, blank green (6)
  • Tribal banner, blank red (6)
  • Warbeast eidolon
  • Warbeast eidolon (Large)
  • Warbeast eidolon (Huge)
  • War rhino (Large)
  • Warrior (2)
  • Wingripper eidolon
  • Wingripper eidolon (Large)
  • Wingripper eidolon (Huge)
  • Winter orcs (6)
  • Witch (2)
  • Wizard (2)
  • Worg (Large)
  • Wyvern (Large)

Art by Callous Jack.

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Our Price: $5.99

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5.00/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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A solid and diverse set.


Long story short, this is an excellent set that most likely WILL have an appropriate miniature for whatever orc or half-orc character concept a player or GM may have.

Rather than simply going with just the expected themes and stereotypes(which are still well represented), there is at least one(and most often two) miniature for each Base and NPC class in the game, as well as some for many of the prestige classes. There are also separate ranges of orcs by region. This wide range coupled with how many of them are appropriate for roles outside their given name mean it's highly unlikely one can't find at least one miniature appropriate for their character.

It should be noted that this product really shines in supporting concepts outside the stereotypical "norm". People who want to play orc paladins or wizards will absolutely not be left hanging with this one. The all-inclusive approach taken here really pays off.

Art is subjective and the "cartoony" style may not be for everyone. However it does work to make such miniatures distinctive and easy to "read" at such a small size. The cover image is indicative of the style throughout the product. Of particular note are the Holy Vindicator and the Wingripper Eidolon, both of which would make for great metal mini designs on their own.

This product sets a high standard for any future entries in this line and any other paper miniature lines to follow. In terms of variety and support for the wide spectrum of possibilities players typically fall into, this is an excellent example of "doing it right".

ICorrection: They ARE Golarion Orcs. And they fit the design.


OK, I love paper Minis, and this IS worth the $$$

But to me, the orcs look tall and gangly. I picture orcs as much more muscular...less like an olympic swimmer and more likean NFL Linebacker or one of the gorillas from Jersey Shore (and only slightly better mannered).

HOWEVER: After re-reading Orcs of Golarian, I can see that Callous Jack matched the physique of Golarian Orcs very, very well.

So, I added another Star. For Pathfinder, these fit the Golarian Orcs.

I still like the sheer variety, but a few more bulky, musclebound orcs would have been better.

But, get this today, because there are TONS of cool orc variants and you get a serious horde of mooks for your heroes to beat up.

Everything you could possibly need for ORCS!!!


What a great surprise! I love what pathfinder has done for Goblins, and we have definitely covered them in a variety of great mini sets, but the Orc really hasn't had the respect they deserve. I love using them. They're smart enough to be as effective as any human or dwarven army. And the different classes you'll find in here are great. Orc Ninja? Check. Orc Shadowdancer? Check. And a special shout out to the Orc Duelist and the Rockin' Bard!

I'm assuming this was Jack's art work, but I could be wrong. I couldn't find an artist listed. I'll just say I really like whoever did this and it would go very well with the Rise of the Runelord Set. Great work again! Can't wait for the next one.

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Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks Liz!

Callous Jack wrote:

Oh and the pdf was updated and sent so I hope to see it posted soon.

Awesome, looks much better! In between printing and folding/cutting now, thanks for the quick fix Jack!

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Swashbuckles wrote:
Awesome, looks much better! In between printing and folding/cutting now, thanks for the quick fix Jack!


Glad you like it! What are your plans for all those orcs?

Callous Jack wrote:
mike smith 853 wrote:
It seems like in the past people have expressed interest in paper minis for PC's. I know I would buy them. I think that the format that Jack created is so awesome. Two versions of all the core, NPC, and base classes, one for prestige classes, and a few named characters from the setting. Additional versions of location specific orcs like Plains or Desert. Added to that typical animal companions and eidolons. Sir, you've set the bar high.

Thanks Mike, glad you liked it! Although the credit for the what went into the set was all Liz's idea.

mike smith 853 wrote:

Creating the Elves/Dwarves/Etc. of Golarion makes perfect sense. But I was thinking how you could do this with the Inner Sea Guide. Typical characters from Galt or Qadira. With what fifty different settings, you could continue to make sets for a long time. And I really think people would appreciate the effort and energy.

waiting to be created.

Well, like Liz said, hopefully the set is successful and we'll have that chance to expand into other races! I think it would be great todraw some humans and see Chelaxians, Taldorans, Qadirans and all the rest done!

I'd like to know what race/culture would be at the top of the list for those interested?

Mothman wrote:


I would buy more sets like this one too.

Thanks Mothman! What did you like best about the set?

I would like to see all races from the core and Catfolk for sure. btw awesome job really.

Sorry that was my first post ever.Callous jake you asked what we would like to see Catfolk would be my biggest wish but all the core races.
Would you do custom minis aswell?

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