Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-10: The Immortal Conundrum (PFRPG) PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for Levels 5–9.

When the Pathfinder Society receives an invitation to a dinner party at the Thuvian Embassy, hosted by the guardian of this year's six doses of the infamous sun orchid elixir, the Decemvirate sends a team of Pathfinders to represent them and uncover the nature of the event. Can the PCs navigate the complex social landscape of Absalom's elite and gain access to the mysterious vault known as the Conundrum, or will they face public ridicule or worse in the face of the steepest competition in the Inner Sea?

Written by Larry Wilhelm.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 12 ratings)

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Wooo! Dinner party!

****( )

I just love these dinner party scenarios. You get to run a lot of really interesting NPCs and explore your PCs personalities. The Chelish mission is really wonderful - I recommend having the Paracountess ask the PCs to do it even if you aren't handing out missions. The dungeon at the end is so-so. Most parties I've seen trounce it, but I have ran it once where the party had some trouble with it. The puzzles are disappointing, though, which is the only downside to this adventure.

One of my favorites...


I've both played and run this scenario once (for a total of two times).

It splits the adventure into a roleplay half and a "dungeon" half. The roleplay side is brilliant if run well - tons of social intrigue and lots of creative free-form play as the Pathfinders attend a fancy dinner party with some of the biggest names in Avistan.

The dungeon is a bit on the basic/predictable side, but the sheer roleplay potential of the first half more than makes up for that.

I'd easily GM this one countless times if requested. It's a fairly easy prep.

****( )

This was a fun scenario that was blessedly light on combat. I enjoy a good encounter but many PFS scenarios are too combat heavy. The twist at the end was somewhat unexpected and the story was interesting. I did feel a bit useless at the dinner party and for some reason kept getting tongue-tied/putting my foot in my mouth.

Another Roleplaying Gem


Immortal is another strong roleplaying scenario. It features a few fun puzzles, contains limited combat encounters, and is very similar to the scenario “Murder the Throaty Mermaid” in many respects. Which is to say it’s a great time with the right people.

Like most roleplaying scenarios, this scenario is best played in a location where you can easily hear your GM.

The only constructive criticism I have about the scenario is that I wish there was some kind of boon at the end of the chronicle. For example, for 20 PP, maybe extend our lives by 5-10 years and give us +1 save bonus to death effects? Sure, the boon might be a waste of PP, but it would be something interesting to talk about.

”Detailed Rating”:

Length: Long. We finished in 4.5 hours (skipped the optional encounter if there was one), but we blasted through the combat and puzzle portions of the scenario, so it could run longer for some groups.
Experience: Player with 3 well built PCs and lovely Kyra at subtier 8-9.
Sweet Spot: TBD.
Entertainment: Was one of the best scenarios I’ve played, but the GM and players helped. (10/10)
Story: A good story. (9/10)
Roleplay: YES! Open-ended roleplaying and a chance to speak to most of the faction heads. (10/10)
Combat/Challenges: I really liked the puzzles. I didn’t mind that the combat was easy, but perhaps it could have been a little more unique or the NPCs could have had better builds. (8/10)
Maps: Great custom maps. (8/10)
Boons: There should have been an interesting boon. Boooooooooooo! (1/10)
Uniqueness: I like roleplaying scenarios like this a lot. More please. (9/10)
Faction Missions: The missions forced us to interact with all of the guests, which was good. (8/10)

Overall: Let your roleplaying freak flag fly high. There’s not only time for roleplaying, it’s recommended, and there’s lots of interesting NPCs to talk to. (9/10)

Fun RP scenario


Group enjoyed the chance to role play and minimal combat.

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Shadow Lodge

This one looks fun. Too bad my social rouge is 11th. But my no social skills gunslinger will might be 5th by the time I play it. :)


Now available!

Sounds like an awesome scenario, but maybe not so awesome for my 1/2 orc fighter. :)

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I think it would be a lot of fun for a 1/2 orc fighter. Sometimes being a "fish out of water" creates the best moments in gaming. Give this scenario a shot, and let us know how it went.
Larry Wilhelm
PS I can guarantee that your 1/2 orc fighter will have something to do....


Recently GMed this at the local PFSOP time slot down at the local shop. I have also played this scenario.

The Good.
Role playing opportunities were great! I really like how this scenario pushed people to RP. We need more scenarios that allow people the opportunity to practice their gift of gab!


Click for spoilers:
Combats were rather bland. The First encounter was all about a surprise round where the baddies get their sneak attacks off and try to drop the birthday girl, before moving on to the other people. At the higher tier its touch and go if she dies depending on how well they roll, but after the surprise round the combat dissolves into a fairly easy encounter. The assassin minions don't come with weapons so they unarmed strike for pathetic damage and the Boss assassin is a push over with his poor build. I understand its a first encounter but at higher tier with players having tricks to use, the combat is far to easy and there is no penalty for her dying.

The last combat is by far too easy. The two sphinx shriek, then either use fly by attack or pounce for a grand total of quite easy, the end encounter just did not feel like it was worthy of being an end encounter.

Overall ide give it 4/5 stars
5 for roleplaying 2 for combats.

Grand Lodge

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Some things I'm doing to really make Act I more immersive:

I've printed out the menu, a copy for each player. It's written in a fancy, Garundi-esque, script. Between segments, each gets passed out. I've also printed out placards for each guest. The players will sit as they do at the table, with the NPCs interspersed. This will likely affect checks needed (e.g. dang, I needed to pass so-and-so a note. This would have been easier had I sat next to them.... I've also se tup the area like a board for the game Clue. If someone leaves one area to explore another, they can move their mini to a given area.

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Can anybody help me prepare one of the puzzles?


The west puzzle, "Marid's Pool", is a retelling of the old "here's a 3-cup jug, here's a 5-cup jug, measure out 4 cups". Thing is, the gaming group I'm running the for includes a guy with a Masters in maths, a geophysicist, a self-run ISP and a trainee policeman. Any one of them is going to find that one stupidly easy.

There doesn't seem to be any story content attached to the puzzle, so I should be able to just swap it out with a different one. Alternatively I could beef up of screw with the existing puzzle.

One suggestion I've had is to keep the puzzle as is, except that the solution doesn't work because the mechanism's broken. The party have to coax the puzzle into solving with some perception and disable device rolls, and a bit of creativity.

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My players break things...

Details, details and spoilers:

They never got as far as the Conundrum itself. The game ended with Abroziel alive and hanging from a chandelier, while Ofarah was sitting in a chair being intimidated. They decided that undermining the fairness of the auction, and thereby risking the complete elimination of her country's main income, was entirely deserving of the assassination attempt, and made her swear - in a Zone of Truth - to allow the auction proceed without interference.


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