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Red dragons are the big bad guys, with names like Smaug, Glaurung, and Vermithrax. They are what we think of when we read the word after the ampersand. They are icons of evil, and targets for greedy adventurers everywhere. Here, in the fourth Codex Draconis, we give you what you need to drop red dragons into your games with a minimum of effort and a maximum of options. We want to help you create red dragons that your players will remember for the rest of their lives.

In this Codex Draconis, you’ll find the options and alternatives for a dozen red dragons, just as you’d expect. We cover every age category of the scarlet horrors of the mountains. Each age category also has three pregenerated treasure hoards, some alternative monster builds, and suggestions on how to build even deadlier dragon encounters. Along the way, we hope to share some surprises with you, too.

Dragons are among the most iconic, and most popular, of all fantasy roleplaying game foes. Once the domain exclusively of higher-level adventures, dragons now have rules for every stage of life. This means that wet-behind-the-ears PCs can face dragons early in their careers (though likely they will be facing dragons the size of housecats). To ensure a dragon is always just the right threat for PCs of any level, dragons are given twelve stages of life that, when combined with the many different types of dragons, creates a range of CRs from 2 to 22. The problem with that, of course, is that it requires a lot of stat blocks, and those take up room. To save space, instead of presenting a full write-up of every dragon at every age category, the game’s creators present a set of rules outlining how to write up dragons, and then they give a few examples of each type. As a result, although you can find a dragon of the right CR for an encounter, it takes a considerable amount of work to get that dragon ready for the game.

To help with that problem, the fine folks at took on the job of creating full stat blocks for every true dragon of every type, and when we expressed an interest in using those as the starting point for our Codex Draconis line, they were kind enough to give us their blessing. In addition to their dragon write-ups, Codex Draconis: Red Tyrants of the Mountains presents additional material to expand the ways you can use these dragons and allows you to drop them into your campaign.

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Solid edition with a few minor editing errors.


Codex Draconis: Red Tyrants of the Mountains by Super Genius Games

This product is 25 pages long. It starts with a cover. (1 page)

Introduction (1 page)
Here it talks about how the book works and what all the varies aspects mean.

Dragons (22 pages)
The heart of the book. Each dragon gets three sample hordes, how to up the ante of the CR, and a couple of alternative builds(changes to the base stat block). The CR's are 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20(with a 22 alternative build), and 22.

It ends with a OGL and credits. (1 page)

Closing thoughts. The art work is a mix of color and black and white. Most of it is in color and most of it is 3D computer art. It ranged from not so good to ok. I full admit I am not a fan of 3D computer art. Editing and layout was ok, I did notice a few errors such as a few headers saying {{H2}} next to the regular text where a header should have been. The stat blocks and hordes where well done as was most of the alternative builds. If you are looking for some complete red dragon stat blocks with built in hordes then look no further. The alternative builds are nice to change things up and add more re-use to the product. So what's my rating? I am giving it a 4 star, there is a few errors but nothing major.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

Super Genius Games

Live from Gen Cin get your red dragons here!

Dark Archive

Very cool, looking forward to this one.

Scarab Sages

Speaking of Red Dragons, Super Genius Games will be running the "The Battle for Dragon's Delve," the final encounter of's mega-dungeon, today at Gen Con. We'll be letting players throw 20th level PCs against Metterak, the Dragon Prince (a red great wyrm!) until the dragon is dead, or we run out of PCs!

4pm, Indiana Ballroom.

Liberty's Edge


Have I mentioned lately that I REALLY wish I was at Gen Con?

Dark Archive


Super Genius Games

Thanks DM!

From what I've seen, I think I'll pass on the Codex Draconis series for now until I have some time to burn (and perhaps the typos have been fixed...). Interesting review, D_M!

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