The Genius Guide to the Time War (PFRPG)

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Written by industry veteran and Pathfinder fan favorite, Owen K.C. Stephens, this book combines two of Super Genius Games's most popular PDFs—The Genius Guide to the Time Thief and The Genius Guide to the Time Warden—into a single 32-page, full-color print edition. It also includes extra advice and material to make it easier to bring these classes and their chronomantic powers into any campaign.

This book was made as an exclusive product for Paizo Con 2011, contains extra art not in the original PDFs, and was printed in an extremely limited run. Now that the show's over, we're making the few copies that went unsold available exclusively on We have no plans to reprint this full-color edition, so get yours...while there's still time!

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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More than just eye candy - brilliant content too!


In the interests of transparency and full disclosure, let me start off this review by noting that I have worked as a freelancer on a number of 3PP products, mostly for 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming, but I also have done a piece of work for Stan! and Owen Stephens. In addition, I'm an acquaintance of Ms. Poussin, one of the models used in this product.

All that aside, this is an excellent product. In terms of quality, it's a standard 32-pages softcover with color photographs in lieu of traditional art, with a standard dual-column layout. The text is clear and easy to read, and the tables are well organized. I did spot one typo: under the "Wardens, Reavers, and Thieves", it mentions that time thieves' powers are fueled by motes and aeons, rather than aevum. Not a big deal for me, just a minor whoops. No points deducted.

So what about the content? Well, the classes both draw inspiration from such diverse sources as "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time", "The Matrix", and "Doctor Who" and "Back to the Future" among probably others I didn't catch. The classes are excellent executions of the concept, and when reading through I wanted to roll up a character just so I could play through a campaign as a time thief. That class has lots of abilities that are both fun and useful, essentially daring the player to "go awesome". The time warden, while slightly more complex (being a spellcaster) appears to have a very nice balance of abilities. Neither a time thief or time warden are especially "better" or more powerful than a standard class, but rather they establish their own niche. A time thief *can* be a skill monkey, but won't replace a rogue when it comes to trapfinding and sneak attacks. A time warden *can* be a support caster or secondary warrior, but they won't replace a monk or bard. This careful balance means that there should always be room in a party for one of these characters.

My final note will be about the art. The photograph is good, both adding to the exotic nature of the classes. While some may feel that the time thief is a bit heavy on the fanservice, I don't mind that at all, and the time warden is about the same for those so inclined. I was slightly amused that the Time Warden appears to have chosen to carry a wooden scimitar instead of a steel one, but again, no points off for that.

So, what do you get with this product? In short, 2 classes that should be a fun and well-balanced addition to any campaign, and a quality product from Super Genius Games.


Now available!

Ordered! Love Super Genius stuff!

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For those who are curious this is print, full-color, and 90% the same material as Time Thief and Time Warden. There are a few new pics, and a little text on using them together, but it's mostly a print compilation of the PDF material.

And when they're gone, they're gone. We may include these in a future compilation, but not in this format (and, I would guess, not in full color).

I've already got both of the incorporated PDF's, but...


I follow the ordered catagory :) with the book in hand I will actually get to finally use this at the table! :)

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From the report I got today, we may be almost out of these...


From the report I just got, we are now officially sold out.

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We are now sold out!

Dark Archive

wish you'd do a PDF of it.

You can easily get the two pdfs it is made off really.

Time Thief

Time Warden

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Spyderz wrote:
wish you'd do a PDF of it.

As noted, you can get 98% of the same rule material by buying our two Time products separately. We may someday do a version of the same material and art we used in time War and release a PDF, but this exact version was a PaizoCon exclusive.

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Heya Jim - check your email, sir.

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I did!

And I just deleted my post in shame as you were posting!


I was grumbling because this book was a Con exclusive. Jeremiziah kindly bought me a copy of the two PDFs. I felt like a heel and deleted my post.

You SGG guys are alright.

Tell you what, I'll read and review them.



Doesn't this have special stuff too?

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Many thanks to Lyingbastard for the review!

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