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Few magic items in the history of roleplaying can simultaneously generate such strong feelings of love and terror as the rod of wonder. As powerful as it is unpredictable, those using such a device must be prepared to accept the consequences of their actions!

Ever fancied unleashing the awesome power of a rod of wonder in your game but didn’t want to prep the required stat blocks, carry yet another heavy book to the game or muddle through hoping for the best? Rods of Wonder banishes these problems!

Rods of Wonder presents not only comprehensive details on the original, iconic magic item but also full details of three variant rods:

  • Rod of Bewilderment
  • Rod of Marvels
  • Rod of Wonderment

Designed to easily fit into your character’s folder, Rods of Wonder contains all the information you need to quickly and easily get the most out of this unpredictable, iconic magic item.

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5.00/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Great Alternate Powers


Many GMs have a favorite magic item that shows up in most games. I knew a GM that was always introducing pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts in his games. James Ward has said every game he runs features Ioun Stones. Well, for me it’s the Rod of Wonder. And yet I’ve only used the official version once or twice. As soon as I found variant or expanded charts (or made my own for 2nd Edition) the players have enjoyed it even more. The draw for me as a GM is it can surprise me. With so much of the story already known, having surprises come up like this to deal with are part of the fun.

This handy little book features the Rod of Wonder, and three variants, the Rods of Bewilderment, Marvels, and Wonderment, each with their own chart of random chaos. Each rod gets its own percentile table, and custom stat blocks for the pair of creatures the device can summon, minimizing page flipping or rules lookups.

There are also tidbits on making custom variants, like Aligned Rods, Cursed Rods and Lesser Rods. There’s a good section on intelligent Rods of Wonder, including a sampling of some specifically named ones and their personality with full Intelligent Item stats. There’s even a section of interesting quirks you can give a Rod and some activation words. This section in general is a nice extra touch.

I like the alternate Rods and the array of powers they are given. Careful consideration was made to make them unique and yet right on par with the original device, ensuring that no one was better than the other. I also like the number of “rules free” happenings we all remember fondly from the old days, fun stuff like leaves or horns growing from the target, but if an environmental effect takes place like mist or whatnot, there’s game rules provided for the effect.

I like my chaos a little more unpredictable, so when I recently unleashed a Rod of Wonder on a set of my players, I had them roll 1d4 first to see which chart herein they roll percentile dice on and let the full tables work for a single device. Mad, perhaps, but they love the variety. Now I just hope they don’t become addicted to it.

Let’s be honest, you can grab probably dozens of free homemade Rod of Wonder tables across the interwebs, but for a buck ninety-nine you get a variety of good Pathfinder-centric results, all carefully designed, and with extras to make them unique and easy to run during the game. Win. I was provided a copy of this for review.

Simple and Hassle-Free


Rods of Wonder is the next Player’s Resource supplement by Raging Swan Press for Pathfinder. It is designed as a quick and complete reference for player’s who wish to use a Rod of Wonder or a similar item. The stats and options herein are presented in a concise manner and full of flavor. If you want a Rod of Wonder, there’s no reason not to use this supplement.


It’s often hard to rate a product that is short. However, when everything you need to use the supplement is presented so simply and in a format that is extremely easy to read, the overall value of the supplement is worth way more than its length. Simply put, Raging Swan Press has made it extremely easy for you to use a Rod of Wonder by removing all the hassle.


Publication Quality: 10 out of 10
As with all Raging Swan Press publications, Rods of Wonder contains an easy-to-read layout and simple presentation. Due to its size, this supplement does not have much content to rate. However, it manages to do such a good job of keeping everything simple and concise while keeping each set of mechanics on a single page for quick reference and use. In a way, the layout and presentation make it more desirable to use.

Mechanics: 9 out of 10
Rods of Wonder does a fantastic job of presenting not only interesting (and sometimes humorous) effects for each detailed rod, but it does an excellent job of creating a variety of effects with a mixture of possibilities. This keeps the detailed rod from seeming boring and keeping each rod from being significantly different from one to another. The actual mechanics themselves are quite creative.

Value Add: 9 out of 10
Rods of Wonder is a very straight-forward supplement. It presents options for creating a Rod of Wonder, Bewilderment, Marvels, and Wonderment. This includes the d100 options and the intelligent rods. However, each mechanic is presented and players wishing to add different flavor or options would either need to do it on their own or use this as a launching point. In that regard, it works as a quick reference and a template to use for your own creations.

Overall: 9 out of 10
Even as a simple supplement, Rods of Wonder is a definite must have for anyone wishing to use one of these rods. Print it out and slide it into your character folder for quick reference, that’s all you’ll need to do! All the work has been done for you.

Want more rods of wonder? Look no further.


Rod of Wonder by Raging Swan Games

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover, ToC, OGL and credits. (5 pages)

Rods of Wonder (7 pages)
It starts with a overview of the rods, next it moves on to variations. They add aligned, cursed and lesser variations. This is followed by intelligent rods with four sample ones. There is a list of quirks for the rods and command words. That covers the first two pages of this section.

After that it gets into random tables with a few stat blocks for summoned creatures. The tables are one for each, a rod of Wonder, Bewilderment, Marvels, and Wonderment. The section ends with a bit about reading stat blocks for the monsters stated up.

It ends with a back cover, Ad. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. There is only one piece of black and white art of a rod. It is plain text on a white background and no borders making it very printer friendly. Layout and editing where good. I didn't notice any obvious errors. Mostly this is a product of random tables for the varies rods with a few new variations a GM can throw on them to change things up. In that regard it accomplishes it task well. If you are looking for something to print out for ease of use for rods of wonder and or looking for some stuff to help spice them up. Then I recommend picking this product up, for the price there is no reason not to. So what's my rating? Well I am going to give it a 5 star, it is cheap, well done and accomplishes it goals well.

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Pretty cool, went in my cart with the rest of the stuff.

Sovereign Court Raging Swan Press

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Pretty cool, went in my cart with the rest of the stuff.

Excellent! I hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun writing this one. I've warned my players that I'll be including it in my campaign soon. They can "hardly wait" apparently


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Went into my cart immediately!

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Sovereign Court Raging Swan Press

Dark_Mistress wrote:

Thanks Dark Mistress. You made my morning!

Sovereign Court Publisher, Raging Swan Press

Wow! What a great review! Thanks, Jeff! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

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