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Skates! Violence! Fishnets! If you've ever seen a roller derby bout, you know that it's the coolest sport in the world. In fact, the only thing that could make roller girls more awesome would be if they fought zombies, or went back in time, or traveled into outer space. Now, with Roller Girls Vs., you can bring this beautiful dream to life.

Roller Girls Vs. is an adaptable adventure for use with the QAGS system. Roller Girls Vs. includes a summary of roller derby rules; information on creating characters and some popular roller girl archetypes; an overview of the typical Roller Girls Vs. plot outline, along with suggestions for adapting Roller Girls Vs. to campaign play; examples of specific enemies for the roller girls to fight, including cannibals, dinosaurs, hyperintelligent apes, Nazi time travelers, fratboys, and zombies; tips for adapting the plot to the villains, including ideas for exciting scenes and plot complications; a list of 701 roller girl names; and more!

Roller Girls Vs. is written by QAGS co-creator Steve Johnson and illustrated by Lindsay "The Hornet" Hornsby, with cover art by Jeffrey Johnson.

Skate or die. Have more fun!

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I have a coworker who does roller derby. I'm sending her the link, she'll love it.

Roller girls vs. zombies? Right on!

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