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Baykoks stalk forests. Since they favor humanoid prey, they tend to stay close to communities, especially frontier settlements. A baykok, however, seldom ventures within the confines of a community. Instead, it prefer to haunt the outskirts and near wilderness, hunting people who venture into the woods.

With this free, two-page PDF, you too can recruit the baykok to hunt your gameworld.

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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A free, extremely creepy undead hunter


This pdf is 3 pages, 1 page SRD, leaving 2 pages for the free critter, so let's give it a closer look.

Tha baykok is an undead hunter suitable for mid-to medium level parties that has a tremendous potential to be both creepy and memorable. Why? It has 2 cool signature abilities I haven't seen before: It uses invisible arrows and is invisible, even while attacking, to all but the target of its attacks. Now this makes for very cool predator-like encounters and awesome horror-potential. What about PCs trying to protect a target from a whole group of them? Awesome work. And it's free.

Editing and formatting are top-notch and while there is no artwork, the fluff-text makes sure to adequately convey the coolness of the creature. Layout adheres to the printer-friendly two-column standard. Plus: This is FREE. You get a critter that is cooler than a lot of creatures you usually have to pay for and for the price diddly-squat. You have NO reason not to check this out. If there ever will be a Spes Magna monster book with foes of that quality, I'll be sure to pick it up.

Reviewed here, sent to GMS magazine and will talk about it on RPGaggression once I do a monster-themed post.

Thanks, again, for the reviews. :)

I am (sort of) working on a monster PDF. That is, if you adhere to a very loose definition of the word "working".

Excellent news! :)

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Nice review End.

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