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This is 28mm/30mm-scale terrain for wargaming, roleplaying games, miniature dioramas, skirmish games, model railroads, class projects or just for fun. It requires 19 sheets of cardstock (110# or 199gsm recommended), scissors, a sharp hobby knife and ordinary paper glue.

This model offers lots of customization options! It's actually many models in one! It includes a variety of surface textures, including walls of red bricks, brown bricks and stone. The ground floor comes in a choice of wood or flagstones, and the roofs offer a choice of thatch, slate tiles or wood shingles. There are a total of 18 possible combinations.

The Ruined Church will be a great addition to any fantasy or medieval scene, and it's perfect for World War I and World War II games as well. Ruins of this type are suitable for many settings, from Napoleonic to steampunk.

QUICK AND EASY SCENERY: Easy-to-follow assembly instructions are provided, including tips and advice for printing at various popular gaming and model railroad scales. One of the great things about papercraft models is that they can be printed at any popular gaming scale quite easily, so this model can be used for 28mm, 25mm, 20mm, 15mm scale and smaller. These files are 200dpi, which will look great when printed at full size without requiring large file sizes. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later in order to use them, and the multiple layers may take additional time to render, so please be patient while your images load onto the screen.

SINGLE-LAYERED FILES: The PDFs in this product are set up so that you can quickly choose your favorite roof texture, wall texture and ground textures. Just print your selected look, and start assembling.

DIMENSIONS: The Ruined Church has an irregularly-shaped footprint of approximately 9" by 9", and stands approximately 11.5" tall.

CONTENTS: This model includes a nave (main church hall) featuring a balcony on the first story with a broken railing; a belfry (bell tower) with three flights of stairs, and a removable north wall so that you can easily access your miniatures; 2 ladders; several stair-step pieces so that flat-bottomed miniatures can stand on the belfry stairs; and a long railed bridge piece allowing minis to pass through the damage hole on the nave's first-story balcony across to other ruined buildings.

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