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Emerge from the Lightless Labyrinth and play the sons of Heaven's Bull!

Born from a king's hubris and the forbidden love of a god and a queen, the Taurian race is both proud and tragic, mighty in battle and quick to anger. They value strength and scorn weakness—both in others, and most especially in themselves.

Create Taurian or Meretaurian characters for any of the core or extended Pathfinder Roleplaying Game classes with racial traits, feats, favored class options and archetypes. Aspire to take levels in the Taurian Racial Paragon class, or wield the weapons of their culture and utilize their equipment. In the Company of Minotaurs gives you everything you need to fully integrate this new racial culture into established campaigns and bring their society to life.

Don't wait! Bring this mythic race into your game and show the world what the glorious Minotaurs can do!

Author: Jonathan McAnulty and Steven D. Russell
Cover Artist: Frank Hall
Pages: 17 (22)

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4.80/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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Not bad, but lacking in some very important areas for me


In the Company of Minotaurs weighs in at 22 pages. Cover, credits, OGL all taking 1 page apiece, and 2 pages for ads, leaving 17 pages for new material and interspersed artwork. Internal artwork is all B&W and ranges in quality. The piece by Darren M.A. Calvert is pure gold, and will be gracing a few character sheets within my campaigns. A lot of the artwork invokes a sense of nostalgia for 1ed, and that's not exactly a bad thing, as a great deal of the feel of this book will remind many old school gamers of the mindset of the Krynn minotaur.

Amusingly, the only place within the PDF's actual text you will see the word minotaur, other than the tile reference, is in the the opening header for the initial paragraph that starts the tome. Presented mainly as a conversation between Lord Commander Merotes Halfhorn and on Qwilion of Questhaven, what we have here is the telling of the Taurian Tale (Taurian being the racial name minotaurs address themselves by according to this PDF), by a taurian. There is of course the one sided view of the acts of taurians as this tale is told by one, such as the viewpoint on the capturing of women in raids for procreation, the act of taking a bride, how they view their slaves, etc. But, I have to say, I prefer the viewpoint to be skewed. When we look at races such as half-orc, there is an unspoken understanding as to how that child came into being, it does not have to be discussed, it's simply accepted. But, have you ever wondered, from the orc point of view, what's the explanation? That is what we have here essentially, a look behind the curtain if you will, as to why this race would steal, kidnap, claim or buy women of other species, and why they feel they have the right, as they do not see it as being wrong. Within their culture it is so far from wrong, that they refuse to take a slave as wife until a male has proven himself through acts of courage and strength.

Now, the question must be asked, why would they need to take other race's females in the first place? Because they drown their daughters at birth. Yeah, you read that right. The PDF opens with a full blown creation myth (I love these as it's interesting to see how each race believes they got here). Springing forth from a union between a bull of heaven and a queen, the first son of Tayros was born, named Astaurian. It was on his day of birth, when the king learned of the betrayal and set to drown the infant that he himself was slain by the heavenly bull, who then sacrificed his own life to protect his sons. Cursed then by a hag who had betrayed them all, the queen was told that daughters of Astaurian's line would bring ruin to their people, so, to this day, they drown their daughters at birth. Now, that's a squished version of the creation myth, there's more to the heavenly bull, the hag, the betrayal, but it covers the reason they, as a race, have no females of their own.

Being a race born of animal, the concept of the eternal struggle to maintain there composure is brought up several times, and is an issue of great honor to them to stay in control of the inner rage. Reading through the various passages concerning honor, rage, and valor I found myself reading the passages in Michael Dorn's voice (Worf from Star Trek tNG). It amuses me how much like the minotaur the klingon race was modelled. The taurian society is fleshed out with a homeland (the Lightless Labyrinth), an expansive collection of communities, complexes, and homes all intertwined and protected by mazes and traps. And explanations are presented for why one would venture from home to adventure, the methods of adventure one could have without ever truly leaving the maze, and what could be taught to a young taurian at the heart of maze. The ruling council of 26 (to honor the 26 sons of the first taurian) have their seats of power at the heart of the maze, a place beyond the outside world, as only those who truly know and understand the maze they have built could ever hope to find it.

We are presented with racial traits to build and play not only a taurian, but a mereitaur as well. The mereitaur being one born of taurian blood, but only possessing one or two of the three basic racial traits (horns, hooves and tail). I am assuming the cover illustrates a mereitaur, as it has no hooves. This was one of my first hiccups with this PDF. The cover piece is re-used internally, and you get a better look at the illustration. It is not just that he has regular feet, he has human-ish legs, where as every other illustration showing legs has the lower legs of an animal, with the double knee joints. I think perhaps a clarification would have helped, something along the lines of “If the mereitaur is born without hooves, their legs will develop as their mother's, and be of one knee.” I only point this out because of how drastic a difference it makes in them visually, and I remember well from my childhood the entire concept of Krynn minotaurs versus Forgotten Realm minotaurs...hoof vs. foot, which one was a true minotaur.

And, since I am on the topic, those minotaur of more monsterlike personalities, they're covered mechanically speaking with one passage in the alternate racial traits (Bestial). If one is going to release a book calling it In The Company of Minotaurs, one should address all minotaurs, not just one specific branch of the family tree.

For the most part, taurians see themselves as a LE people, which is amusing since they believe they are the chosen of the heavens. They revere several gods, but have a special place in their heart for Our Grandfather Ocean, yet another point I found awkward when taking in the entire collection of material presented. They favor a deity that one would expect for a sea faring race, more than one illustration shows them at sea or on boats, but zero text support or fluff covers that idea, other than the mention of the deity. If they are going to be presented in illustration for a naval lifestyle, perhaps an archetype to support that? Feats? Ships,anything?

We are given a host of new favored class options, a great deal of them being along the lines of 1 ½ or ½ point bonuses, which, while keeping the game from getting out of line, personally, drive me nuts. We're also treated to a few new archetypes and a bloodline that I intend to write up an NPC for as soon as possible. The bloodline grants an increase in strength and neutral armor that increases with level, very nice. The racial paragon class presented here is where we are introduced to the big guns of the taurian people though, the Rog-kalem. A true bull (lol) of his people the Rog-kalem has the potential to reach upwards of 12 feet, with some serious physical might to go with the size. And of course we are presented with a selection of feats specific to the taurian people that take advantage of their physical nature (horns) as well as their preferred weapon (the axe). The book ends with a section of new weapons and equipment with things like the Labrys ( a double headed axe) and Dark Chalk ( used to mark surfaces but can only be seen through the use of darkvision). Several of the new items are good, but the chalk has me asking, who is this for? Looking through their racial traits, taurians, like the classic minotaur, don't get lost in mazes. So, why would they develop a chalk used to mark walls that others can't see? To warn of traps? They put them there. To say this way to the bathroom? Again, they built the maze. A cool item, just not sure why they would of developed it as a race.

Ok, final thoughts on this PDF....some interesting ideas, with an immense amount of story. A very specific story, that fits into a very specific setting. There is enough here for any GM to find material that will be usable, and mechanically the Taurian work as a playable race, as well as the Mereitaur.

As much as I liked the feats and items, there were things I would of loved to have seen that were not included. Things like unique sorcerer spells for the taurian, or unique clerical/druid spells. We're told that clerics/druids are revered amongst their people, and yet we have practically no real support to make a unique cleric/druid character by having some magics available only to them? A reason for them to dye their fur other than cosmetic, like say wards, or runes. Or perhaps wards and runes for their horns, as several illustrations show them with carved horns. Magical items that are unique to the taurian race perhaps, at least a few magical weapons perhaps? In presenting one aspect of the minotaur this PDF delivers, there is a playable race here, but there was the opportunity to present so much more.

In total, I'm giving this one a 4 star rating, as what is here is gold, pure and simple. What is not here could fill another book, one I would buy in a heartbeat.

Excellent entry of the series, with APG-support!


In this installment of the "In the Company of ..."-series, we'll meet the minotaurs. The pdf clocks in at a meaty 22 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD and 2 pages of ads, leaving 17 pages of content.

Layout follows the RiP-two column-standard, the book is b/w so that out of the way, let's dive in!

The book begins with an aptly-written, very cool IC-introduction to the race that sets the tone for the book in accordance to the old-school-style cover : We get an ancient Greek mythology style origin myth to lead in to the very unique society of the minotaurs: The most interesting part is actually how a clearly lawful evil society has justified its discrimination and systematic murder of their females and a people that delusionally proclaims themselves not raiders and/or rapists of the female slaves they use to mate with. While it is possible for their claim to be true, it is very unlikely and that is what makes the fluff herein so compelling - the moral uncertainty. The society is vividly fleshed out with even a sample insult, customs, nomenclature and the like. (8 pages! - I just loved it!)
We get two racial trait-sets for the minotaurs:
Pure Taurians get +2 to Str, Con and Wis and -2 Dex and Cha, Darkvision 60 ft., always know where North is, +2 to perception and intimidate, immunity to magical confusions, a gnatural 1d4 gore attack and familiarity with Taurian weapons.
Mereitaurs (the impure ones) get +2 Con and Wis and -2 Cha, Darkvision 60 ft., always know where North is, +2 to Craft and Profession checks as well as any research-based Knowledge-checks, are immune to magical confusion effects, familiar with Taurian weapons and finally can choose two of these three: To gain +5 ft. movement, the 1d4-gore attack or +2 to pereption.

The Taurians get 7 alternate racial traits:
-At home in the Wild: +2 to Survival in exchange for the +2 to Perception
-Bestial: Additional +2 to Str for another -2 to Int, this is supposed to bridge the gap towards bestiary minotaurs and not necessarily available for players
-Divine Life: Exchange immunities against confusion effects for a +2 to saves against necromantic effects
-Dwarven Heritage: Proficient in Dwarven weapons instead of Taurian ones.
-Orcish Heritage: Proficient in Orcish weapons instead of Taurian ones.
-Quickfooted (only Mereitaurs): Base speed 40 ft. and +4 to acrobatics when jumping/leaping. Replaces Taurian Heritage.
-Surefooted (only Taurians): +2 to CMD against trip and bull rush, but base speed becomes 25 ft.

We also get Age, height and Weight tables, something unfortunately absent from some other 3pp's race books. I was really excited and loved that the section on Taurian adventurers also talks about the Advanced Players Guide classes in detail. Support goes further, though:
There is a list of favored class options, 2 for the Barbarian, 2 for the Bard, 1 for the Druid, 1 for the Fighter, 2 for the Inquisitor, 1 for the Paladin, 1 for the Ranger, 1 for the Rogue, 2 for the Sorceror.

The book features two Taurian Archetypes: The first one is a rather obvious choice, a barbarian archetype, that focuses on horns. The second one, though, is rather cool and not what you'd necessarily expect: The Disciple of the Red Horn is a Minotaur-monk archetype and rocks. Sorcerors also get a Taurian bloodline that focuses on making you tougher and stronger. Uncommon choices, but I liked them nevertheless.

The crunchy heart of the book, though, is the new racial paragon class, the so-called Rog-Kalem (Scion of the Horn). The class gets d10, 2+ Int skills,proficiency with simple and martial weapons and his gore attack, good Ref and Will saves and a fighter BAB. No good Fort save for a rather melee-centric racial class? Yep, and it makes sense, as the class gets Evasion, grows to size large and gains bonuses to charges, a more powerful gore attack (from 1d4 at 1st level to 3d6 at 20th level) and finally culminates at an outsider-transformation at 20th level. The Rog-Kalem also gets some bonuses to Str and Con, somewhat offsetting the fort-save defficiency. All in all, the Taurians, whether Rog-Kalem or not, make for a surprisingly good and interesting choice for e.g. the monk-class.

We also get 7 new feats:
-Axe Thrower: +10 ft. range with throwing axes and +2 to rolls to confirm criticals
-Bloodlust: Bonuses to make your charge attack more lethal
-Horned Charge: Combines charge with gore attack with bull rush benefits
-Horned Trip: Lets you trip with horn-attacks
-Improved Natural Armor: +1 Natural Armor
-Taurian Follow-through: If you miss in melee, you can incur a -2 penalty to AC to attack a foe adjacent to the one you missed
-Trapworker: +3 to checks to notice taps and +1 to checks to craft or disable them.
We also get 5 new Taurian weapons, all of which are cool weapon choices and don't feel overpoweredm but have their own distinctive appeal. Finally, the book provides us with 3 new (alchemical) items: Dark Chalk (Chalk that can only be seen in Darkvision) as well as two Taurian gas bombs, one potentially lethal and explosive, the other rather a smoke bomb. The new items come with associated costs and craft DCs.

Of all the excellent racial books RiP has published so far, this one actually stands out due some cutting edge additions I hope will be continued in future installments, namely that several of the cool innovations of the APG have been added to this fie: We get favored class options, the cool new classes are taken into account, alternate racial traits are provided etc. I LOVE that and hope it will be continued. Furthermore, even more than in previous installments, we get a very compelling IC-narrative that introduces us to the race, managing to walk the line between being a cool introduction to a rather LE-society and still managing to make this society seem coherent and understandable in its questionable social conventions. The fluff is plain awesome and succeeds in capturing the spirit and narrative of ancient Greek legends in the creation myth, while also providing a ego-driven, arrogant narrative of the Taurian character. On page 7 is unfortunately one of the few blemishes of the book, when in the section on Alignment and Religion, the IC narrative gets a bit jumbled with 3rd person information. I really love how the very extensive information is given IC and can't stress enough how much this adds to my enjoyment of the pdf. The fact that the crunch of the race does not gravitate to the "savage brute"-archetype and is rather versatile helps even more and while there are some classes Taurians might be more suited for, I felt the race to be sufficiently versatile to be a valid choice for any class. IM going to especially enjoy building Taurian Monks and Rog-Kalems or respective multi-classed combinations of both to make PCs suffer. the b/w-artwork, while simple, manages to underline the classic feeling of the race. So, what's my final verdict? I'd be inclined to detract a star due to the fact that the racial class is a bit more on the conservative side than e.g. in the "Gargoyles"-file and the narration-jumbling in one of the otherwise beautifully-written passage. However, due to the wealth of material provided as well as the APG-support and the wealth of options for the Taurians, I'll settle for 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 - an awesome buy and probably one of the best racial book out there.

Wonderful book


The minotaurs in this book go far past simple monsters, while keeping to a nonhuman outlook on life. This book presents a race that is, to outsiders, evil, yet brings across their views in a rational, even sympathetic way. It make them antiheros, and a great addition to any game, as a single player, as more than one dimensional foes for your players..or as an entire campaign, exploring what its like to be more than just the "monster".

The best in the series so far.


In the Company of Minotaurs by Rite Publishing

This product is 22 pages long. It starts with a cover, and credits. (2 pages)

Introduction (1 ½ pages)
This has a nice interesting story about how Minotaurs came into being. It was very Greek inspired, in that it read like many of the old Greek tales. I have never read the Greek tale of the minotaur so I have no idea how similar this might be.

Minotaurs (6 ½ pages)
This section gives more information about the race, history, ecology, society, etc. It also explains why there are not female minotaurs or at least why there is very few of them. It is all written from a IC point of view of a minotaur, they are noble race. While they are not vicious evil and they obviously don't consider themselves evil at all. But if you read between the lines it creeps through. It makes them a much more interesting race.

Player Characters (4 ½ pages)
This section has the stats to make one of them as a PC. There is also stats for the mereitaur which are minotaurs who for what ever reason look more like mixed blood, or humans with only mild minotaur features. There is 7 different racial trait to make the race a bit different, some based on what other race they are part and other where they was raised.

The next part talks about classes and which ones are common. It also has a list of alternate favored class options. There is also two class archetypes listed, one for Barbarian and one for Monk. There is also a Sorcerers bloodline as well. It has everything you need to play one of them as a new race in your game.

Racial Paragon Class (2 pages)
This section is about their racial class, a 1-20th level class.
D10, 2 skills, all weapons, light armor, full BaB, 2 good saves, natural armor, and natural gore attack. There is plenty of class abilities that make perfect sense and capture the idea and feel of a minotaur, a great thing to use if you want to use one as a NPC and scale it up or down to challenge the party.

Feats (½ page)
There is 7 new feats all but two of them are for Minotaurs only.

Weapons and gear (1 page)
This has 5 new weapons, and a new smoke bomb.

It finishes off with a OGL, 2 ads. (3 pages)

Closing thoughts. I liked this book a lot. It really made the minotaur race interesting. Not just as villains but in general. The fluff was very well written, interesting and made me want to included them in my games. It made them come across as both noble and almost not evil, yet the evil taint beneath is plain to see, if you look closely. The art work was black and white and pretty good to good. Weapons all seemed well done, as did the new feats.

The Paragon race was very nice and can either be used for a PC's or to build minotaur monsters of varies CR's to challenge your PC's. Not to mention the fluff gave me lots of idea's for plot hooks. The two new base race options where well done, though the Taurian (minotaur) I felt was a little strong. Not even for a EL but a strong base race for a PC. Which is really my only real critic of the book as well. So what's my rating? Well finding virtual no flaws and the one minor issue I had was minor, though something GM's may want to consider before allowing. I am going to give it a 5 star, the fluff alone makes it a good pick up.

Thanks to the Paizoians for getting this up!

The tragic taurians!

Dark Archive

Another monster race/class book. Well if it is even close to as good as the first two then it should be very good.

Well, mugtuggle . . . I just picked up a bunch of PDFs yesterday that I've been eying for a while. I really like minotaurs, and I enjoyed In the Company of Giants. Might have to break down and make another PDF purchase.

As the giants were about norse mythology this, and the gargoyles were more the disney tv show and Nightmares in the Sky, this one is about getitng back to the roots of greek tragedy and while PCs can be any alignment the Taurian race is usually Lawful Evil, they have a very evil cultural tradition in kidnapping, slavery, and misogyny.

Oh I am so looking forward to this purchase....

Glad to hear it.

I enjoyed this book..the fact that they justify the fact that the outside world views them as "evil", and do it while sounding perfectly reasonable and sane one of the best parts of the book. Its rare to see a book about an evil race that is so well thought out

Black Rose

I am glad you enjoyed that it was a hard fight on my part to keep them lawful evil, and really show how evil their culture really is yet, retain the tragic nobility.

Could I convince you to post a review?


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Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

Thank you for your review D.M. :)

Any thoughts on how to tone down race to make it seem less strong? Is it the dual bonus to strength and constitution that makes it feel just a hair overpowered?

Dark Archive

Yeah add in the bonus to wis as well. yes they take a hit to dex and chr. But over all I think they would make a very effective heavy armor fighter type. Like it said I felt they wasn't enough for a EL, just on the high end for starter races.

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Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

The ability modifiers were actually the main thing I agonized over in trying to balance the base race.

One solution for those worried its too effective is just to make it: +2 strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 charisma; leaving the constitution bonus for the Mereitaur.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2009 Top 8

Dark_Mistress wrote:
But over all I think they would make a very effective heavy armor fighter type.

As well we should.

Just picked this up. You hyped me quite a bit there, D_M. This will be interesting...

Dark Archive

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Just picked this up. You hyped me quite a bit there, D_M. This will be interesting...

You don't have it reviewed yet? What you waiting on? :)


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Short but sweet. Thank you Blackerose. :D

Wicht wrote:
Short but sweet. Thank you Blackerose. :D

Short but sweet..Dark Mistress WAS my inspiration

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Blackerose wrote:
Wicht wrote:
Short but sweet. Thank you Blackerose. :D
Short but sweet..Dark Mistress WAS my inspiration

As I should be. Now worship me! :)

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Pathfinder Card Game, Rulebook Subscriber

Thanks for the review End. :)

I'm glad you liked it and rest assured that any race/class books I continue to do (such as the kappa book coming out next week) will also include the APG material.

Now that's excellent news indeed! Looking forward to the Kappa-book!

Dark Archive

Nice review End, not get to cranking out more of them. :)

The Kappa book was delayed do to a correction that needed to be made.

I am very happy with what Jonathan did here on this design. As crazy and as hard as this was to get out, fate seems to have ultimatlly been on our side.

Thanks for the review End.

I just read this book/PDF, and I want to say that I find this to be one of the very best 3rd party books for PFRPG. I really enjoy how the racial background and history of the Taurians were portrayed, and I think that the way it was done (as though being told to the reader by a Taurian) was handled very well.

The APG-style character class options were also well done and a joy to read. And I enjoy the Feats and the crunch for the Rog-Kalem class. My sole problem would be finding a place to set these bully boys and their kingdom in Golarion.

I hope you make offer more PDFs like this for the PFRPG monsters in the future, Rite Publishing.

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Thank you very much Eric. :)

I posted in the Gargoyle thread regarding other upcoming racial books and I won't repost it all here, but in short, we have three upcoming racial books (well, one was released already) all with a japanese/oriental flavor.

We also have done, 5 other races prior to this.

Ok, just finished this book, and posted a review here and at RGPNow...I have a feeling I'm about to not be so popular, lol. I love the manner in which the material is presented, the concept of the tale being told to us, that's pretty cool. And the material that is there is all pretty solid, but it was what wasn't there that let me down. I wanted to see more support for the cleric and druid. We are told within the tale that both classes are treated with great respect and honor, and yet neither of them even has a custom spell between them, and the cleric didn't even get any favorite class options.

For me the minotaur hold a special place, and there were things that I felt were missing when it came to a racial guide. What is there is good, heck, it's really good, but there was room for more.

Oh, and the one grammatical error in the entire thing? The name of our story teller. Page one his name is Lord Commander Merotes Halfhorn, page 8 his name is Mertos Astgraum Halfhorn....pretty good when you think of it, to go through 22 pages with only an error that the spell checker wouldn't catch anyway.

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Thanks for the review KTFish7. Its very much appreciated.

This was the first racial book I worked on, converting it from a previous version, so if I was doing it again, I would like to think there were some things I would do different, or things I would add. Still, for a reviewer to like what was presented but be left wanting more is not, from my perspective, always a bad thing. :)

I love this book. I would love to see it in a data set for Hero Lab! Please Rite Publishing, I beg you to make a data set for this book for Hero Lab!!

I will pass it along to the volunteer Riters who work on the hero lab datasets.

Thank you so much! I have tried my darnedest to create the Rok-Kalem class in Hero Lab, but the scripting is way over my head. I'd love to have this material so that all the flavors of Taurians are available to create, especially the Paragon class. I have wondered why Paizo chose not to do anything with Minotaurs.

Pauper Princess wrote:
Thank you so much! I have tried my darnedest to create the Rok-Kalem class in Hero Lab, but the scripting is way over my head. I'd love to have this material so that all the flavors of Taurians are available to create, especially the Paragon class. I have wondered why Paizo chose not to do anything with Minotaurs.

You do know the whole bit is in print as In The Company of Monsters

Yes, I don't have that book, I've only seen In The Company of Minotaurs first person. Our group is completely digital and the DM refuses to do pen and paper characters because of the mistakes that can be made, and I supsect he is afraid of some of his players trying to cheat and fudge a score here or there. He will only do character generation through Hero Lab. This is why I'm so desperate to have the Taurian data set from your book/books. I can't play my Rog-Kalem unless Hero Lab is generating it :(

Thank you for your consideration and quick responses RP!

You could program it yourself :) Races ... may be easy!

That's a great suggestion Cheapy, but if you read up-thread, I've already tried to make the Paragon Class Rog-Kalem in Hero Lab and the scripting eludes me. I have somewhat successfully made the Taurian race, but I've made several attemps at making the Rog-Kalem class and this girl just isn't adept at coding, scripting, etc. I would pay for the data set for In The Company of Minotaurs. I just can't seem to get it right when it comes to creating things this complex in the editor.

Yeah I know the problem, its had on Hero Lab coders when we do something innovative. I am looking into the idea of someone doing In The Company of Monsters (and hence this product).

It's not that this product, as well as your other products, can't be implemented into Hero Lab. I've been told what to look for and how to do things, but I just can't grasp it. So I know it can be done easily, but by people who are proficient with this code, i.e. not me lol.

Anxious to hear when the project starts RP!

Anything new with the possibility of ITCOM going HeroLab?

Hey guys, any update? Still want this for Hero Lab!!

Right now we are still trying to finalize Heroes of the Jade Oath for Hero Labs, then we are on to The Secerts of Adventuring, and then we will be looking at In the company of monsters (assuming the intern who is working on this does not stab me in the eye).

Yay! You have no idea how much this made my day(s)!

How goes the progress?

Well our intern became a paid employeed, We finished and released The secrets of advneturing right now he is working on all our monster books (templates, feats, and variants), and at the same time he is working on In the Company of Monsters (which includes minotaurs).

We are also looking at hiring a second coder or another intern.

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I just want to remind people. You can find a hell of a lot of minotaur artwork on Magic: the Gathering cards. Many commons worth no value, money or deck usage wise. You can cut out the art work and have a near perfect size large creature for PF/D&D.

New Hero Lab Files from Rite Publishing!

In The Company Of Monsters (PFRPG), contains six evocative player races and racial paragon classes that are sure to bring new and exciting player options to your game. Includes new options for the Gargoyle, Giant, Ironborn (constructs!), Minotaur, Restless Soul (a soul returned from the dead), and Wyrd (half-elf/half ogre mage) races. ($9.99) packages#ritepublishing

I have enjoyed these very much!! My apologies for the late gratitude!

Pauper Princess wrote:
I have enjoyed these very much!! My apologies for the late gratitude!


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