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A 0one Games classic returns, for all Pathfinder Roleplaying Game fans. Enjoy once more this old-style adventure with plenty of players' handouts, fully fleshed-out NPCs, smart monsters and intriguing plots, all under your favorite rule system.

This adventure is designed for four 4th–5th level characters. Hired to escort a man through Frozen Orc Pass, home to the infamous Frozen Scimitar Orcs, events soon change into a truly frightful ordeal for the adventurers. This adventure features new undead creatures as well as a challenging plot that may have several twists and turns that could develop the adventure in different directions. This well-balanced adventure may be altered for those who wish to customize parts to better match their gaming style. The adventure features ten fully detailed supporting characters and villains, as well as a thoroughly detailed dungeon to encounter the hideous new monsters.

While sitting quietly in your favorite inn in the city of Areneis, drinking goblets of fair wine and eating dried fruit along with some bits of seasoned cheese, you see an elderly, austere dwarf approaching. "Good evening, noble sirs. My name is Agamar—I’m the seventh cousin of King Hradroom of the dwarven citadel of Kurum-Dam. May I speak with you for a moment? Well, I’m in a bit of trouble and I need group of adventurers for a dangerous mission. You see, I was trying to escort a man through Frozen Orc Pass. My fellows and I tried to make the journey three times, but we were forced back because we were dwarves. Warriors from the Frozen Scimitar tribe, lousy orcs and their king Kdank, killed all in our party save myself and this man. I think that an all dwarf party will not make it through the pass. I’m terribly old and alone now, and the man must make it to the citadel soon. I’d prefer a younger, more able, party to get him to Kurum-Dam, so I can pay 500 gold pieces now, and give you a note for 1,500 more once the man is safely to the citadel. What do you say?

The man to be escorted is named Stolypin. He’s not a noble, nor is he a merchant—truth be told, I believe he’s a little dupe—but he’s a "noser." Nosers are a unique lot; there are maybe two or three of them the world over. They’re able to determine the potency of the Spirit of the Black Dwarf—our famous liquor—simply by smelling a closed barrel. We dwarves of Kurum-Dam are the leading producers of the liquor in the world, so you can guess how valuable the man is to us."

    This module also includes:
  • Two battlemaps for miniatures gaming
  • Players handouts
  • The Fang, a beautifully detailed dwarven inn
  • Three new magical items
  • Full NPC and monster statistics
  • Beautifully rendered floor plans and dungeon maps

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4.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Solid adventure for 4 4th-5th level characters


Deadly Ice by 0one Games

This PFRPG compatible module was written for four 4 – 5 level player characters. It was originally written for 3rd edition and has since been converted. It has a two column layout and a number of grey/blue art pieces on a white background. In addition there are several three color maps and a couple map layout sheets for use with miniatures or simply detailed visual reference if you do not use miniatures. The art is all quite well done as are the maps and layouts of scenes. I particularly like that each NPC used has a bust of them as there are a number of them. This makes it much easier for the DM to show his/her players with which NPC they are dealing.

This module (pdf format)contains approximately 51 pages.

Cover, title page, blank page and back cover = 4 pages

Table of Contents = 1 page

Introduction, Background, Adventure Synopsis, plus useful notes on using the module, placing it in your own campaign, scaling the module, and adventure hooks = 3 and a half pages

Chapter 1 = 12 pages

This chapter serves as the introduction of the adventure for the player characters. It has a fully developed Inn with price list and notes on the particular variety of brew this Inn is famous for that make this useful for a GM who doesn’t want to make up such details. Also there are a number of NPCs for the party to meet, with their stat blocks listed at the back of the book. This is initially organized by events and includes information the PC’s may learn through diplomacy (asking the right questions of the right persons). After the event driven encounters are location descriptions and a map. There are also a random encounter table and stat blocks of monsters.

Chapter 2 = 11 pages

This chapter is organized in a similar manner as Chapter 1. First it has a brief background and then it is organized into events and locations with a fully detailed three color map. There are also references to new creatures that are detailed at the back of the book.

Chapter 3 = 5 pages

This chapter details the conclusion and aftermath of the adventure and is organized in a similar way the first two chapters were. However certain encounter creature stat blocks are included within this chapter rather than only referenced here and listed at the end of the module as the new creatures and NPCs were from the first two chapters.

NPC stat blocks with descriptions and other useful information (10 individuals detailed here) = 6 pages

New Magic Items = 1 page
(Three items: an artifact, a staff and a type of wondrous item that works with the staff.)

New monster details and stat blocks = 4 pages
Included in the new monsters are snow trolls, a new tiny animal swarm, and three types of cold undead

Player Handouts = 2 pages

Battle maps = 2 pages

Advertisement = 1 pages

OGL and other notes = 1 page

Conclusion: The layout and art are pretty well done. No serious complaints here, just a minor issue that some of the art looks mildly cartoony but tolerable so in my opinion. Though the lines are crisp and clean on these pieces and help the players differentiate NPCs. It was slightly disjointed to have some state blocks listed at the back of the module and some within the body of the text. But the ones placed at the back were either individual NPCs or opponents or new monsters. Regular monsters, albeit with class levels, were placed within the body of the module. Events and encounter locations do not have separated text in a box or similar feature for initial player information. As a GM I rarely simply read aloud “boxed text” to my players but I do prefer PC information to be separated as I don’t like to have to spend time searching through paragraphs of text.

The module looks interesting and definitely level appropriate for the type of party mentioned. The mystery portion of this adventure was particularly intriguing. There are not many modules that use this plot trope. Also there was a more traditional style dungeon crawl, certainly appropriate for groups who like those as well as level appropriate. I only have a real issue at the beginning of the adventure with the premise. The reason that the dwarf NPC who asks for the party’s assistance uses for not wanting to seek the help from other (NPC) dwarves presupposes that there are no dwarves in the party. It is also not explained in the context of the introductory event. I know that the first question my party would ask, if not the second, is why don’t you want dwarves to do this escort job? That reason is not given here, but it is mentioned elsewhere. A GM who does not plan ahead for this difficulty may stumble. He or she would definitely have to come up with a way for a dwarf, or in even an all dwarf party to participate. It is a minor issue though and does not detract from the core of the adventure if the GM just removes that part of the NPC’s speech.

My rating is a solid 4 stars. Minor issues mar this adventure but the player handouts and other goodies make up for them. This is pretty standard fare for an adventure with level appropriate action and encounters.

Nice low level adventure.


Deadly Ice by 0One Games

This product is 51 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and ToC. (4 pages)

Introduction (3 ½ pages)
This is a adventure for 4-5th level PC's suitable for any world setting. It takes place in a mountain pass. It also has a background for the adventure, overview, how to use the adventure, where to place it in your own world, advice on scaling the adventure, and it ends with some story hooks.

Chapter 1, The Fang (11 pages)
This chapter is a introduction to the adventure. It starts with the PC's being offered a job by a NPC to escort him up into the mountains. There is 10 events listed from meeting the NPC and getting hired, to traveling, to a snow storm, to finding the inn The Fang and then a mystery starts. Yet it list 10 events there is no number for, is just skips from 3 to 5. I am guessing that is a simple typo that was never noticed. The section also has a full map and information about the inn it's self. This part of the adventure is more social and mystery than combative, though there is several events which may lead to combat.

Chapter 2, The Deadly Ice Tomb (10 pages)
In this section if the PC's accomplish the first part, likely are off to follow a NPC. This eventually leads them to a under ground complex with 29 total locations in it. This section is more of a traditional dungeon crawl style adventure, though the PC's are here for reasons other than just exploring and looting. There is 10 encounters in this section. There is a full map of the place.

Chapter 3, Return to the Fang (4 pages)
This section is mostly dealing with the aftermath of the first two sections. I won't go into details as it would spoil the mystery of the adventure. But it is well done and covers all likely out comes. There is a map of the region in this section.

Non-Player Characters (6 pages)
This section details all the important NPC's of the adventure with full stat blocks and a bit of a bio. There is 10 NPC's full stat blocks in this section.

New Magic Items (1 page)
This section has three new magic items, The Kuk Globe, The Staff of Agamath, and Stones of Agamath.

New Monsters (4 pages)
There is 5 new monsters in this section.
Snow Troll
Ice Key Guardian
Ice Warrior
Ice Lord

Hand Outs (2 pages)
There is two pages of hand outs that can be printed out and given to your players.

It ends with a couple of pages of mini maps, ads and OGL. (5 pages)

Closing thoughts. This is a nice adventure with a good mix of mystery, social interaction, combat and even a dungeon crawled tossed in for good measure. Add in the sever weather and this adventure has a little bit of everything. Other than the one error in numbering I mentioned I didn't notice any other errors or problems with the adventure. I liked the adventure and will be likely using it in my next campaign I run as a side trek for the party. The art is black and white and pretty good, there is head shots of the varies NPC's at the bottom of some of the pages scattered threw out the book. So what's my rating? Well I thought it was good but not fantastic, so I am giving it a 4 star review.

Which classic adventure does this resemble?

Uninvited Ghost wrote:
Which classic adventure does this resemble?

Deadly Ice is a classic itself. It was written for AD&D in 1990, as a tournament adventure, then was converted to 3.0 and published in early days of 0one Games (2001). Then was converted back to OSRIC and now for Pathfinder.

The adventure is a blend between a murder party and a dungeon crawl. In the tournament adventure the goal was to discover who, among the inn's guest, was the bad guy. To add more action, was added the deadly ice tomb part where the PCs hunt the villain.

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Another product I plan when money allows to pick up.

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And here I thought I had found one that Dark Mistress had not already done, silly me. Interestingly we came up with the same rating. Maybe I am getting better at this!

Nice review, D_M and Dark Sasha!

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Dark Sasha wrote:


And here I thought I had found one that Dark Mistress had not already done, silly me. Interestingly we came up with the same rating. Maybe I am getting better at this!

Nice review and anything you review I review by proxy now. I planted my shadow seed in your head and it grows nightly. :)

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