Book of Friends and Foes: Under the Mountain (PFRPG) PDF

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Get personal—fully fleshed arch-nemeses and cohorts for your characters await within! The Book of Friends and Foes delivers five NPCs to fill out your game session. Each supplement describes distinctive personalities based on a locale or theme and targeted to a specific CR range. Built for character interaction, these NPCs can both help and hinder a party as your story requires. Use them to hang plot hooks and move your adventure along.

Go Under the Mountain and meet your doom and your comrade in arms. Inside this CR 5–7 supplement, you will find:

  • Sak'Aeda—the dark creeper out to hunt dwarves
  • Samm Kull—the human at home in the deep caverns as any dwarf and twice as gruff
  • Night Wraith—the vampiric champion and advisor to the svirfneblin court
  • Dead-Eye Grimpick—the dwarven priestess and clan executioner
  • Merrin Rubneck—the retired warrior and owner of the Headless Orc Brewhall

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3.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Five NPC's for use in the Underdark.


Book of Friends and Foes: Under the Mountain by Jon Brazer Enterprise

This product is 8 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and ToC. (2 pages)

Friends and Foes (5 pages)
There is five NPC's in this book. Each NPC takes up a full page with a black and white image. Each one has 3-4 paragraphs of background information on them and full stat blocks.
Sak'Aeda – CR 6 Dark Creeper Ranger.
Samm Kull – CR 6 Human Fighter/Rogue.
Night Wraith – CR 7 Elf Vampire Rogue.
Dead-Eye Grimpick – CR 5 Dwarf Cleric.
Marrin Rubneck – CR 6 Human Commoner/Warrior.

It ends with a OGL. (1 pages)

Closing thoughts. The editing and layout was pretty good, could have used a little more polish, I did notice a few grammar and spelling errors. The artwork is black and white and ok. The background on the NPC's are ok, there is a few hooks to use them as foes or friends all for the most part. But none of them stood out as something that really grabs you either. If you are looking for some fully stated NPC's to keep around handy for use. Then this is worth picking up. So what's my rating? I am going to give this one a 3 star. Worth the cheap price but could have used more work.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Looking for NPCs. Now available from Jon Brazer Enterprises is the first installment of the Book of Friends and Foes.

Liberty's Edge

Very cool!

Dark Archive


Jon Brazer Enterprises

Dark_Mistress wrote:

Thank you, you most trusted succubus. I appreciate you taking the time to do review it.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Looking for more NPCs? Here are a group of Awesome NPCs for you to download.

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