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The Anti-Party

Player Characters are not the only ones who enjoy bonding in groups. Antagonists can do it, too.

These teams are the ultimate enemies to defeat, created as part of the custom design process behind the Coliseum Morpheuon patronage project. It brings you two allied groups with complex motivations beyond simple good and evil, with challenging team tactics and intriguing interpersonal dynamics. They are here to equalize and oppose the power of your adventuring group. This product provides the Seven Sentence NPC format along with a secret for both teams and each individual. A complex statblock and corresponding paper miniature is provided for each member of the two teams.

The two teams consist of:

    The Dirges—a group of nightmarish murderers:
  • Gallows, Huge Undead (Augmented Plant); CR 15
  • Frau Kindle, Female Human Sorcerer 15; CR 14
  • Mother, Female Dread Wraith Sovereign Human Cleric 12; CR 14
  • Pike, Male Advanced Troll War Master 9; CR 14
  • Winegrow Sop, Male Wyrd Bard 9 Whispering Advisor of the Emperor Dragons 5; CR 13
    The Gray Feathers—a group of formerly evil beings struggling to hold on to their redemption:
  • Drahka-Kuhl, Male Fire Infused Minotaur Druid 12; CR 16
  • Erzebeth Nostrayli ("The Crimson Shadow"), Female Vampire Elf Rogue 15; CR 16
  • Koranger, Kolyarut Inevitable Bard 6; CR 16
  • Loren Desharn, Male Glabrezu-Possessed Human Fighter 10/Paladin 5; CR 16
  • "Rainbow," Unique Entity Medium outsider CR 16

Bonus paper mini: Were-Hellhound!

Authors: Jonathan McAnulty, Steve "Qwilion" Russell, Matt Banach, Thilo Graf
Artists: Ashton Sperry, James "DevinNight" Hazelett,
Pages: 26 (full color)

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Paper Mini's for the Coliseum Morpheuon Adventure


This reprints the first two appendix's from the Coliseum Morpheuon supplement/Adventure and includes the papers mini's.

Cover and credits. (2 pages)

Appendix 1 – The Dirges (9 pages)
Stat blocks and information about one of the teams also competing in the event. This section also includes 1 new magic item, 4 new spells, and 5 new feats.

Appendix 2 – The Gray Feathers (6 pages)
Details one of the other teams competing in the event with full stat blocks and information.

Then there is a OGL. (1 page)

Followed by the paper mini's. (7 pages)
there is 7 pages worth of paper minis.

It finishes with a one page ad for the Coliseum Morpheuon.

Closing thoughts. For those looking for some high level NPC's and paper mini's this isn't a bad buy. But for those that already have the Coliseum Morpheuon it is a tad expensive since most of it is reprint from what you already own. My rating is those looking for paper mini's and some NPC's it is a 4 star. Those already having the Coliseum I am giving it a 3 star, which are the people most likely to want the paper mini's. The mini's are fine but at 6 bucks they seem a little high priced.

I wanted to thank Vic for getting this up.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Very cool!

Dark Archive

Reviewed here and at Drivethru.

thanks for posting your review Dark Mistress.

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