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By Amber E. Scott

Fear the scaled ones. That's the lesson Rhyn has learned from life as a ranger in the swamps of Nirmathas. Yet when something new starts hunting the defenseless residents of Crossfen, Rhyn's honor won't let him stand aside. Haunted by his past, and armed with nothing more than a sword and his wits, Rhyn sets off into the marshes to fulfill his role as self-proclaimed defender of the swampers' village. Yet what he finds in the deep marshes will change his life forever.

From author Amber E. Scott comes a story of courage and duty, set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder campaign setting.

This story originally appeared as part of Paizo's free weekly webfiction series, and is available for free at

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This story was good. I wish it were longer, but in the space it had it presented some decent characterization in a dark, gritty setting.
Rangers usually make good protagonists for stories, and this one is no exception. He leads the way into a bleak, unexplored, and obviously dangerous landscape and encounters iconic horrors.

A warning for people who don't like it when a story doesn't have a happy ending: I'd advise you steer clear of this one.

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