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50 feats for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game PC!

Achievement feats allow your character to grow his abilities as a direct result of his actions during a campaign. In order to qualify for these feats, he must first achieve a specific goal or set of goals that requires you to play him in a certain way or track certain elements of game play. Achievement feats may require a little more PC planning on your part but the rewards are well worth the extra effort. With the Beacon of Life achievement feat, for example, you must track the damage your channeling PC inflicts upon undead but, once a certain threshold is crossed, he can damage undead just by being near them!

This pdf is written by Mark Gedak and Stefen Styrsky (Purple Duck Games) and includes a free offering from the fantastic Grand OGL Wiki website ( called "Suliawa, the Twisted Forest."

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3.30/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Achievement Feats is a collection of feats that one has to earn through doing things within game. Some are insanely easy to get, and in the end feel kind of like a consolation prize, others could take a character their entire run to earn, and would be that badge of honor on a character sheet that a player would brag about having earned. In concept, the idea of achievement feats appeals very much to me, as I like the idea of their being a boon that can be granted a player that will acknowledge the path and style of play they applied to their character. But, whereas I like the idea as a concept, I believe there are several tucked within this book that, as I said earlier, almost feel like consolation prizes as opposed to being true achievements.
As an example of what I am referring to by the consolation feat:
Without Warning – you've lost initiative so many times, once per day you can simply choose to strike first. I'm sorry, you're dice don't like you enough it's a running gag that you always lose initiative so here's a feat to let you go first from time to time so you feel better? No, this is not an achievement, this is pity, pure and simple. I had a player we house ruled one free d20 role for every game session, but only if someone else rolled it for him, and only when the group really needed it. Why? Because the guy's dice rolls sucked, pure and simple, but it wasn't like he earned this right, it was given to him out of pity, This Feat feels like that in so many ways.
Traps Can't Touch Me - Having set off and survived so many traps in your life, you now have a sixth sense in regards to trap locations.....really? Again, this does not feel like a real achievement to me so much as it does that in the play test group these came out of, there was that thief who constantly thought he had disarmed the trap, only to find out the hard way he hadn't, and eventually it was decided he deserved something for his suffering.

OK, I admit, freely, that these could be interpreted in a viewpoint I am not seeing, as every group is different. So, let's take a look at a few I thought were right on the money as far as heroic achievement goes:
Giant Killer - You have slain a hefty amount of creatures bigger than yourself, lets you make your first attack against giants as opposed to their touch AC. Now that is a feat one would have to actively try and set out and kill a set amount of creatures at least two sizes bigger than you, that's earning yourself a feat folks.
Dragonslayer - Land the killing blow on a certain amount of dragons, keep trophies on hand and not only bypass the damage reduction of future dragons you will face, but gain an immunity to the Frightful Presence of any dragon type you have faced. Again, I don't see a character getting this feat by accident, or as a series of mishaps. This is an achievement, and one that would be a great boon to a character.

So, there's examples of both ends of the field, and yes, there are those that fall dead in the middle as far as their difficulty to achieve, and their level of storyline requirement as opposed to just happening in normal gameplay and accruing until a player had done the requirement enough times. Personally, there are several in this book I would never allow within my campaigns, and not because they are to powerful or unbalanced, but rather because I don't feel rewarding a player for doing what they would do on a normal basis (Get Out Of My Way – achievement feat for using Bull Rush x amounts of times over their career) is worth it. This type of product and concept has a great deal of potential in adding some serious depth to a character and the methods of design and roleplay a player puts into their creation, as long as the GM keeps a tight reign on how many they allow a player to take. But, those that are of the nature I pointed out that truly reward heroic deeds, now those are the types of feats I enjoy making available to my players. Those are the types of boons one wants to hand over to a heroic character to acknowledge their deeds with more than yet another Pile O' Treasure.

The artwork is all B&W for the interior, and for the most part is stock, or at least has been used in other Rite books. Formatting is dual column, with no grammatical errors that I noticed.
I liked the idea behind the concept, but I feel there just weren't enough feats that lived up to the benchmark, so I am going to have to settle on a three star.

50 achievement feats


This pdf is 10 pages long, 1 page front cover and 1 page SRD, leaving 8 pages of feats.

I like the concept of achievement feats as a kind of reward for PCs that is not another magic item and, while I’d never give my players this book (to prevent meta-gaming) I welcome the idea. Now let’s check out the execution:

-A Cog in the Clockwork Goddess: Use Master Craftman to create Golems.
-A Friend to Beasts: Be a friend to beasts.
-Abundant Fists: Get magic fists.
-Addled Wits: Too many hits on the head make you braver.
-All Gnolls must die: Carry a trophy, get bonuses against a kind of enemy.
-Animal Friend: Wild Shape empathy with one kind of animal.
-At your Fingertips: Casting the same spell x times from a wand gave it too you as a SP.
-Beacon of Life: Channel Energy makes you lethal to Undead.
-Center of the Whirlwind: Peaceful martial artist.
-Chainbreaker: Rescuer of the Oppressed.
-Child of Wonder: Gnome-only, helps against bleaching.
-Conditioned Rage: Extra Rage.
-Contractually Obligated: Take 10 to negotiate contracts.
-Cypher: Use Linguistics to disable glyphs as a rogue.
-Deal Maker: People like you, make hostile people friendly.
-Destroyer of Works: Ignore half of hardness, kill constructs.
-Devil’s Foe: Good attacks slay devils.
-Dragonslayer: Carry trophy, immune to frightful presence, bypass dragon-DR.
-Elemental Preference: Befriend one type elemental, become enemy of another.
-Flame-tested Survivor: Guarded from Flames.
-Four Walls: Beig good at breaking from prisons.
-Get out of my Way: Overrun/bull rush them away.
-Giant Killer: Kill Giants.
-Gifted Illusionist: Illsuion becomes spell-like ability.
-Gifted Mesmerist: Charm or Compulsion as spell-like ability.
-Graverisen: Evade Death.
-Healer’s Touch: Get better at healing.
-History of Scars: Penalty to CHA, natural armor.
-Inherent Smite: Enemies you smite suffer for retaliation attacks.
-Ingrained Casting: Scroll spell becomes spell-like ability.
-Look over there: Kill via feint + sneak attack.
-Lycanthropic Bane: Carry wolfbane, kill lycanthropes.
-The Magic in Music: Cast both spells and play bardic music.
-Master Alchemist: Better Alchemist fire.
-Master Healer: Better at treating deadly wounds.
-Master Slayer: Better killer of favored enemies.
-Master of Wands: Ignore wand-charges.
-Mouse Stomper: Good at killing smaller creatures.
-My Senses are tingling: Blindsense for you.
-Pathfinder: Good at finding your way when lost.
-Planewalker: Sense planar portals.
-Relentless Butcher: Stunning Criticals.
-Self-made Hero: Write your own legend.
-Taint from the Other Side: Negative levels via your Crits.
-Traps Can’t Touch me: Trap Sense.
-Vital Life Force: Heal ability damage faster.
-Wave Touch: Gain tremorsense in water.
-Weak Life Force: Hide from Undead.
-Whip Master: Blind opponents via Whip critical.
-Without Warning: Act first, though your initiative is abysmal.

The file came with a bonus, a fluff-text on Sulliwa, the tainted forest. (1 page)I liked this bonus content.


Formatting and editing is top-notch, wording and presentation are concise. I Didn’t notice any typos.
As mentioned in the beginning, I like the concept of achievement feats. However, some of them seemed to be a bit off on the power-chart for my tastes and some had none of them really baffled me as genius. The bonus-file was a nice touch, though. I'll settle for a 3.5-star rating, rounded down to 3 – a solid file that, if you like the idea, should check out. If you don’t like the idea, you still won’t like it after reading this book.

Achievement Feats


My review wouldn't fit, see forum post for full review.

Do you use achievement feats in your PF games? We'd love to hear about it (especially if you decide to use the new ones presented in the pdf)!

I have to admit, that this idea looks interesting...but without any reviews. Well, I've been burned a few times on things I thought were going to be good and it turned out to be fluff or just "not good".

Does anyone have a review out there they'd like to post?

No review... but I can say that Bret, Mark and Stefen so far have published amazing work! These are no "first time to be published" authors... they have lots of credits to their name.

I would have no problem buying this product if I needed some archievement feats!

- Axel

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

I would also love some kind of review before buying ( and I want to!)


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I can say they're on my list to grab and review when the money fairy comes back around s_id=34943

Here's the first review I've found, folks.

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TrickyOwlbear wrote:


Here's the first review I've found, folks.

Fixed the link for you.


Thanks, DM. Posting from work on my Droid = fail. And since you're here, I've noticed you're a frequent reviewer. How can Tricky Owlbear get things into your hands for that purpose? :)

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Well I review what I buy as money allows and what companies send me. I don't mind reviewing stuff. Just as long as the company understands while I am good about doing them with in a week of getting stuff. Sometimes RL comes up and it takes longer or on very rare occasions I forget. In which case they should poke me and remind me. :)

Heh, no I wouldn't expect someone to drop what they're doing to write a review. Would you mind emailing me so I can send this to you (no pressure involved!)?

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My review. I posted my review on ENworld as well.

This product is 10 pages long. First page is a cover(1 page), then it jumps right into the feats. I will list the feats below, I will list the requirement and then the bonus. To help give you a idea of what to expect.(8 pages)

A Cog of the Clockwork Goddess – crafting magic items. Give bonus for qualifying for craft construct feat.
A Friend to Beasts – Make animals friendly, animals always start off one better to you.
Abundant Fists – killed monsters with DR, fist count as magic for over coming DR.
Addled Wits – Been hit in the head one to many times, bonus to fear saves.
All Gnolls Must Die – Killed x amount of gnolls, bonus to save, to hit and dmg vs gnolls.
Animal Friend – used wildshape into the same animal, animal type considers you a friend.
At Your Fingertips – casting x number from a wand, can cast the spell as a spell like ability.
Beacon of Life – done x amount to undead with channeling, undead take dmg just being near you.
Center of the Whirlwind – defeat foes with non lethal dmg, learn sanctuary as ability.
Chainbreaker – free x number of slaves, gain bonus to dmg, to hit, or spell dmg.
Child of Wonder – craft rods of wonder, gnomes become immune to bleaching.
Conditioned Rage – rage enough in combat, gain more rounds of rage and be fatigued less.
Contractually Obligated – Make contracts, can take 10 when convince others to sign a contract.
Cypher – decipher enough text, can use linguistics skill to disarm glyphs etc.
Deal Maker – used diplomacy to improve relations, non hostile start off one better.
Destroyer of Works – destroy constructs, ignore half their hardness for overcoming DR.
Devil’s Foe – fought devils, attacks count as good for bypassing DR.
Dragonslayer – slain dragons, immune to fear effect and bonus to attack.
Elemental Preference – wildshaped into a element, elements of that type count you as friendly.
Flame-Tested Survivor – nearly killed x number of times by fire, gain resistance and save bonus vs fire.
Four Walls – thrown in jail many times, can use knock as a ability and no penalty when not having tools to pick locks.
Get Out Of My Way – bull rushed or overrun a lot, add armor check penalty to dmg.
Giant Killer – kill foes two sizes larger than you, once per round may make a attack against touch AC.
Gifted Illusionist – used figments or glamer spells enough, can cast one of the once a day as a spell like ability.
Gifted Mesmerist – cast charm or mez spells enough, can cast one of them once a day as a spell like ability.
Graverisen – Died and come back twice, Once per time you have died and come back you have a ability to not die when a attack or spell should have killed you. Once used the ability is gone until you die and come back again.
Healer’s Touch – healed a bunch, heal spells cast on others count as maximized for free.
History of Scars – taking a lot of dmg, chr penalty but gain natural armor.
Inherent Smite – killed evil creatures with smith, they take dmg from striking you.
Ingrained Casting – cast same spell from scrolls, gain spell as a spell like ability once per day.
Look Over There – used sneak attack enough from feint, doubles crit range when using sneak attack. When using feint.
Lycanthropic Bane – killed x number, gain bonus to dmg and to hit, plus have a chance to sense them in human form.
The Magic in Music – cast spell while using bardic performance enough, 3/day can cast and start performance at the same time.
Master Alchemist – killed with alchemy weapons, gain bonus dmg to alchemy weapons.
Master Healer – use heal skill on deadly wounds enough, use your level + theirs for how much you heal.
Master Slayer – killed favored enemy enough, roll dmg twice take higher result.
Master of Wands – craft enough wands, 3 times a day can use wand without using a charge.
Mouse Stomper – killed things 2 sizes smaller, get a extra attack at full BaB.
My Senses Are Tingling – attacked by creatures when unable to see them, gain blindsight.
Pathfinder – Gotten lost in wilderness, bonus to skill to avoid getting lost or avoid hazards.
Planewalker – used plane portals to different planes, can sense plane portals.
Relentless Butcher – confirm x number of crits, when crit is confirmed make save or target also stunned 1 round.
Self-Made Hero – authored books about your adventures, gain diplomacy bonus to sell or services.
Taint of the Other Side – died and come back 3 times, crit hits cause saves or give neg level for 24 hours.
Traps Can’t Touch Me – triggered traps that did not kill you, can spot traps even if not searching and bonus to save/AC to avoid them.
Vital Life Force – suffered ability drain, heal twice as fast and fort save to make it ability dmg instead.
Wave Touch – fought in water, gain tremorsense in water.
Weak Life Force – dropped or killed by undead, gain hide from undead at your level.
Whip Master – crit with whip, on whip crits fort save or target blinded for 1 round.
Without Warning – lose initi, once per day before rolling initi may attack foe and they are counted as flat footed. Can't be used if you are surprised.

It finishes with a 1 page OGL.

Closing Thoughts. Ok first I feel I should point something out. I personally don't like achievement feats. I get their appeal and understand why people do like them. I just don't. I was given this for purposes of this review. Now with that said I will endeavor to be fair but felt I should mention that.

The artwork is fair to pretty good. Now I am not familiar with these types of feats so it is hard for me to judge. But a few of them seemed pretty strong to me, some where very hard to get and others fairly easy to get. A couple of the feats also had achievement next to the feat name instead of under it like the rest. Minor issue but thought I would mention it. For the most part the feats are well written and easy to understand. There was a couple I had to reread a couple of times before I was sure I understood them, but only a couple.

For the most part they are well written and well done, they fit well with what is required. Many of them would make fine feats as is and just allow players to take them as feats if you wished. There are a couple of drawbacks to the product. There is no ToC nor are their any bookmarks and finally there is no quick reference table. While the book is small enough to not really need this, it would have been very nice to have them. So with all this I am giving the product a 3.5 star. If it had, had the reference table and bookmarks I would have given it a 4. Even for those that don't like achievement feats I would still give this a 3 star as there are some you can steal for feats.

Thanks for your review and the time involved, DM!

So, has DM's review swayed the folks who were on the fence about picking this up? Just curious as sales continue to accrue.

Still looking for more reviews? Robot Viking has posted one HERE!

Thanks to Endzeitgeist for his review!

You're welcome! I plan to do more of your stuff once I get around to buying it. :)

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Hurry End review more, so I don't feel so OCD about doing reviews.

Aren't we all a bit OCD sometimes? ;)

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Aren't we all a bit OCD sometimes? ;)

Some of us all the time. :)

Btw.: Also posted my review on enworld and sent it to GMS Magazine.

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I just know I feel a bit OCD every time I think about the fact I have now done a 130 reviews since March 2010. Or 13 reviews a month or 1 every 3 days roughly.

That's damn impressive, D_M!

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Endzeitgeist wrote:
That's damn impressive, D_M!

Yes impressive in a OCD kinda way assuming you find having OCD impressive that is. :)

Come on, credit where credit is due! :D

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Btw.: Also posted my review on enworld and sent it to GMS Magazine.

Many thanks, again!

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Dark_Mistress wrote:
Endzeitgeist wrote:
That's damn impressive, D_M!
Yes impressive in a OCD kinda way assuming you find having OCD impressive that is. :)

Actually, DM, it really IS impressive.

I rely upon your reviews. I often find myself about to make a review, read yours and realize all I really need to say is "See DM's review."

When I find a product you have not reviewed (I think there is maybe one left in the Paizo store) I think twice about getting it.

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Krome wrote:
Dark_Mistress wrote:
Endzeitgeist wrote:
That's damn impressive, D_M!
Yes impressive in a OCD kinda way assuming you find having OCD impressive that is. :)

Actually, DM, it really IS impressive.

I rely upon your reviews. I often find myself about to make a review, read yours and realize all I really need to say is "See DM's review."

When I find a product you have not reviewed (I think there is maybe one left in the Paizo store) I think twice about getting it.

Thats sweet and somewhat disturbing. :)

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This may be useful for E6 campaigns.

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