Maps of Mastery: Sci-Fi Cargo Tiles

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This set of 14 terrain cards includes 167 different pieces of futuristic terrain designed to be cut out and placed on existing maps to add new features or alter the layout. They can also be used to build customized encounter locations for any sci-fi game. Each card measures 5 by 8 inches, and is printed on thick glossy cover stock. The complete set is gathered in a clear resealable envelope for safe and easy transportation.

Included in the set is a Cargo Manifest form that can be used in-game to track the contents of your character's shipping containers, two cargo truck tiles, and one card of open floor that matches the background of the cargo tile and can be used to build an original encounter scene.

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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer or is no longer being carried by our distributor.

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As a point of interest for those who have purchased the Sci-Fi Cargo Tiles: my new Deck Space poster includes three more sheets of terrain pieces and a matching poster that can be used as a backdrop for your encounter-building: -and-Cargo-Bay-Floor

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