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For a S and S campaign I am looking at running a crossblooded sorcerer red dragon/ fire elemental. Idea by the end of the campaign he would use form of dragon II and III
and land on the deck of the breath fire. My questions are what spell are going to work the best for.ship to ship. Example 1st level starting would be sleep and burning hands. I don't normally run casters so I have know idea about feats either. I will stick with a blaster style over hand to hand.

May I ask first why you want to go crossblooded? If you want to turn into a dragon and breath fire, you should consider a pureblooded dragon bloodline and enter dragon disciple at 6th level. You benefit from it by getting all of your bloodline powers and feats sooner, while still keeping access to your bonus spells. It also improves some of your powers once you do get access to them. All for the low price of three less caster levels. Also, it will eventually let you turn into a dragon twice per day, so you don't have to waste spells on form of the dragon if you don't want to. On top of that, it increases your survivability if you ever get in a pinch. If you're going to go dragon bloodline at all, it just makes sense to go dragon disciple. And since you said you don't normally run casters, you won't miss those last three caster levels.

Edit: Also, if wooden ships are involved, you might want to consider a different element other than fire. You wouldn't want your own ship to accidentally catch on fire.

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I wanted to do an evil bloodlines dragon. And reds seemed more power hungry . If black dragons were a more ocean dragon than swamp I may have went that way.. I was think crossblooded because of the ray attack over claws. Dragon disciple will be the way I am heading to gain bloodline powers faster and with the eldrich feat I can gain more powers. After reading the dragons book it seemed a red kept prisoners more likely and a prized slave would be a fire genie race. That's why I went crossblooded.

I wouldn't base your decision of being crossblooded on just one 1st level bloodline power. In the grand scheme of things, you won't get much use out of those 1st level powers. Even if you do, I can see more situations where claws could be of use over a low damage ray attack. If you're a blaster already, you'll have better ray attacks and area spells up your sleeve and won't waste your time on the bloodline power. Even the extra arcana won't do much for you since most (if not all) of the elemental spells you'll be casting are already fire. I'd just stick with one bloodline so you don't lose any spells.

Also, you'll have to ask your DM, but dragon disciple was written before the sorcerer archetypes. I'm pretty sure only a pureblooded draconic sorcerer will benefit the most from becoming a dragon disciple. And even if you only have that one bloodline, you can do just as well as a blaster than without another one.

I actually homebrewed a draconic archetype for the umbral dragon. It seems like a nice, simple homebrew for the brine dragon might be up your alley. Well, if your DM allows that sort of thing. (I was actually putting off doing this for all of the primal and imperial dragons. This conversation is inspiring me to continue doing so.)

Edit: I forgot to mention that, while it fits a certain theme, your alignment and the alignment of your dragon does not have to match. You can be an evil character with golden dragon blood in your veins. It might not make sense, and your character might have some internal conflicts going on, but it can still happen.

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I use to have a book back in the that had copper dragons as a ocean style dragon that used to breathe sonic and I would so do that.

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if you want to troll S to S combat, roll druid. Shift into a seagull, fly over them, then shift into a whale. Breathing fire is too mainstream.

I think one of the linnorms is aquatic. So maybe go wildblooded instead of crossblooded.

The problem with crossblooded is that you lose one known spell from every level of spell you can cast. This means you only start with one known level one spell. Burning hands is your best bet for that. I like that you have a good story to go along with your reasoning, and the added benefit of having a +2 to your damage dice for each fire spell you cast is cool too. I will warn you though, your breath weapon doesn't get this bonus to damage. But it doesn't mean you can't be a decent blaster caster. Your choice really lends itself to this.

My recommendation is to go with a high charisma, take one meta magic feat (dazing is cool) to better your blasting and make use of some of your highest level slots before you get to the bonus from Dragon Disciple. I would take 4 levels of DD absolutely, eight gets you a dragon form a level earlier, but being able to cast it will give you more dragon forms in a day, so eight isn't necessary. Get robes of Arcane heritage as soon as you can for better breath weapons and get Sorcerous bloodstrike for more in a day.

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