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Fantasy worlds are filled with horrors beyond reality and imagination, but not every mystery an adventurer encounters is a dangerous one. In a world where magic exists and permeates the ecosystem, even the ordinary life of the world can do amazing things. Savvy rangers and druids have always known that eating certain plants, at certain times is every bit as effective as any man-made potion. The world’s most prosperous mages and hedge wizards make a good living selling the strange fruit of their even stranger gardens. Written by Chris Field

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4.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Excellent plants for your game, albeit with some glitches


This pdf is 6 pages long, 1 page of SRD, leaving 5 pages of content.

This pdf contains new plants for your PFRPG game, which I consider a good idea - after all, details like magical plants are what makes e.g. Sapkowski's Witcher books so immersive.
Rule-wise, they come with a survival DC to find them, a preparation DC to refine them if applicable, a size and weight as well as a cost value for one dose. Overdosing should be considered a mild poisoning by ad-hoc rule of the DM.

The pdf features a little table summing up all the hard stats of the plants for ease of reference. The plants and their benefits are all quite cool, their fluff is nice and I can see them being added to almost any fantasy world without any problems at all, even low-magic dark fantasy scenarios.

Unfortunately, I found 3 formatting/editing glitches: Two of the plants (Rielch and Velas), while having a bold header, don't feature the standard block-writing the other plants have and the header of the ToC says diseases instead of plants.

The file is cheap though.

Conclusion: I like the idea, I like the execution, I still think the editing and formatting glitches are unnecessary and blemish an otherwise fine purchase. I still think we could you a whole book of plants like that for all the alchemists and herbalists out there and here's to hoping we'll someday get one. Due to the low price, I'll settle for 4 stars.

Now available at Paizo!!!

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Another nice review end, and you are back in front with reviews again.

Now that I've completed this line, I'll catch up with some other product lines. You've been busy, too, though - I saw your last spree the other day. Nice work! ^^

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Yes yes, my last "spree" as you put it, caught me up to you. Now with these you passed me, yet again. :)

Edit: Side note, do you know if they ever fixed the images on Enworld reviews? Or is that still broke? I started a forum thread about it and a email got a response saying they didn't know it was broke and then nothing.

Just wondering with you two, but what are your review numbers?

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LMPjr007 wrote:
Just wondering with you two, but what are your review numbers?

Official reviews here and by that I mean Paizo sells the product and we are not talking about posting a review as just a forum post or ones only posted on other sites. For those reviews End has 163 and I have 158. :) I have about 2 dozen books I want to review waiting for me still.

Me, too D_M. *laughs*

@LPJr: Tomorrow, I'll get to the NeoExodus-stuff you sent me as well as some other stuff. :)

Endzeitgeist wrote:

Me, too D_M. *laughs*

@LPJr: Tomorrow, I'll get to the NeoExodus-stuff you sent me as well as some other stuff. :)

The sad part, is I still have about 10 more NeoExodus products to send you, including the one I am sending you later today. LOL!!

Guess that means I won't run out of reviewing work anytime soon. XD

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