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Muster your crew and hoist the main sail!

The world has long thrilled to epic tales of fantastic nautical adventure. Among the Greeks, the voyages of Odysseus and Jason and the Argonauts are well known. In the Middle East, Sindbad's journeys are legendary. The fabled expedition of Emperor Qin Shi Huang Ti from China and the explorations of St. Brendan out of Ireland are but a few more examples. Now these same thrilling heroics can be added to any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign.

Written for the Kingdoms of Legend campaign setting, All Hands on Deck! helps to create maritime drama. Included are deck plans of two iconic 15th-century vessels, a new base class, new prestige classes, new feats, and new magic items. There's also an extensive list of historically based equipment appropriate to nautical adventuring, including gunpowder weapons. Just like the heroes and villains who wield them, they can be unpredictable, but are sure to add explosiveness to any game!

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Sovereign Court

I supose it's safe to assume that this is 100% sourcebook and 0% adventure module?

Liberty's Edge

Zootcat wrote:
I supose it's safe to assume that this is 100% sourcebook and 0% adventure module?

That is true. There are a number of potential adventure hooks included, but this is not an adventure module. It is a campaign supplement for nautically themed games.

GAHHHH!!! I wants!

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