Fudge Treats: Volume 1—Aptitudes, Specialties, Culture, and Background PDF

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Fudge Treats volume 1: Aptitudes, Specialties, Culture and Background presents a new paradigm in Fudge System character creation and advancement. Unlike base-line Fudge rules, a character created under this system does not possess

Attributes and Skills. Instead, a character is assigned Aptitudes, Specialties, Cultures and Backgrounds to determine what it can or cannot do, as well as how well it can do it.
Aptitudes: Aptitudes are general areas of expertise possessed by a character.
Specialties: A Specialty is a specific area of expertise a character possesses within an Aptitude.
Culture: This describes in broad strokes the civilization from which a character originated or to which a character has been exposed.
Background: Background is a character’s training or education within a particular culture.

For example, meet Fred Pennington-Smythe:
Culture: 19th Century English
Background: Mathematician
Aptitudes and Specialties: Intellectual Great
Intellectual: Mathematics Superb

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