WARMACHINE—Cryx: Battlegroup Box Set Plastic

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Let the Iron Kingdoms Fall By Your Hand From their nightmarish isle the undead legions of Cryx strike forth at the Iron Kingdoms. Led by Warwitch Deneghra, skittering Deathrippers and Defilers race forth as conduits for their master’s dark magic. These bonejacks rip apart flesh and steel with powerful mandibles and corrosive venom while the Slayer rends enemies asunder with its wicked claws.

This starter box (PIP 34067) contains quick start rules and a complete battlegroup of five plastic models, each model featuring a completely new sculpt for Mark II, and corresponding stat cards for WARMACHINE including: Warcaster Warwitch Deneghra, Slayer Helljack, 2 Deathripper Bonejacks, and a Defiler Bonejack.

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Why is this under Khador?

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Great question! I've moved it to its proper faction.

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