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This 14-page, printer-friendly PDF includes 15 new feats based on Latin sayings. It introduces an alternate Versatile Performance class feature for bards that uses terminology related to acting, music, and dance to represent bardic arts. The revised PDF presents four new bardic arts, for a grand total of 18 arts. What's more, there are seven new bard spells within these virtual pages!

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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A nice book for bards.


Latina Facta 1 & Versatile Performance Redux by Spes Magna Games

This product is 14 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits and ToC. (3 pages)

Latina Facta (2 ½ pages)
New feats inspired by Latin Quotes. There is 15 new feats in this section, most are general feats with a few combat feats. Most of them are pretty interesting. I did find one a bit unclear Fide, Non Armis. It lets you have a +1 caster level if you are a divine caster as long as you take no offensive action. The part that is unclear is what all might be a offensive action. Such as is channel energy used to heal your friends but also damages a enemy undead a offensive action? Most of them where well done, a couple if felt where pretty strong though.

Versatile Performance (4 pages)
These are new arts used with performance by bards. There are three types of arts, musical, acting and dance. There is 6 new arts for each of the three types. I liked all of them pretty well and they all seemed well done and interesting.

New Bard Spells (3 ½ pages)
There is 7 new bard spells in this section. Several of the spells are cool Requiem and Deceptive Cadence where my favorite. I was a little iffy on Adagio Tempo, which is a weak version of the slow spell but is a cantrip. Other than that I liked the rest of the spells

It ends with a OGL and credits. (1 pages)

Closing thoughts. The art work is black and white and fair to pretty good. Editing and layout are good, not perfect but good. I liked most of the feats, I would say I liked 80-90% of them and 90% of the spells and really all the Versatile Performances. While the feats can be mostly used by anyone, several of them are geared more towards bards and all the rest of the book is for bards.

I would like to see a follow up book focusing more on the Versatile Performances and new spells which I felt was the best parts of the book. Requiem which makes undead stop and sway was neat but I wish instead they had went with Danse Macabre and made the undead dance instead. Maybe a idea for a follow up book. So what's my rating? Well what is good tends to be very good but there was a couple of ones I was unsure about. So I am going to give this one a 4.5 star review.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

15 feats and awesome new stuff for your bard.


This pdf is 10 pages long, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial and 2 pages OGL. That leaves us with 6 pages of content.

Latina Facta (2.5 pages): 15 feats that are based on famous Latin sentences. Most of them are quite cool and seem to be well-balanced.

One particular, though, at least to me, screams unbalanced: “Aequam Memento Rebus in Arduis Servare Mentem” – the feat lets you add your wis-modifier to any skill-check with a DC of 25 and higher. While unproblematic on lower levels, it means that mid-to high level characters will add a huge bonus on ALL skill-checks. No way, this will never be used in my campaign.

There are also cool feats like “Age. Fac Ut Gaudeam!” (Go ahead, make my day) that force a via Intimidate demoralized foe to delay for 10 points on his next initiative.

My personal favorite, though, is “Cogi Qui Potest Nescit Mori”, which enables you to resist acts while under an enchantment for a slight subdual damage.

The second part of the file consists of new Arts and Associated Arts for the Bard-class and are simply cool. Ever wanted your Bard to dance over a spider’s web? Or wanted your bard to call “Cut!” on an enemy and truly stupefy him? There you go. 3 and a half page of the pdf are devoted to making your bard more awesome, versatile and cool. For a class that rarely sees such cool concepts, this file is pure gold.

The editing, wording and formatting are high-quality, however don’t expect too much artwork-wise. While there is some b/w-art, it’s minimalistic and probably public domain.


While the feats were nice, I would have loved to see more versatile performances – they are plain awesome. Due to the one feat I didn’t like, I’d give it 4.5 stars, but for the very low price, I’ll round it up to 5. Bard-lovers, go get this one – you won’t regret it.

I can't believe I forgot to thank Endzeitgeist for the review until now! Mea culpa maxima! :)

Mark L. Chance | Spes Magna Games

Before this weekend hits, a revision of Latina Facta & Versatile Performance Redux goes on-sale. It still includes 15 feats inspired by great Latin quotes. It still includes an alternate Versatile Performance class feature for bards that uses terminology related to acting, music, and dance to represent bardic talents.

Aside from some general improvements throughout the document, I've added entirely new content in the form of seven new bard spells.

Revisions and editing to Latina Facta & Versatile Performance Redux are done. I added four new bardic arts as well. The revised PDF will go live in the next day or two.

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