Map Pack I: Deep Caves & Wooded Chasms PDF

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A system-neutral resource for GMs and publishers by Steve Hood

Throwing a quick dungeon together? As bad at drawing maps as Creighton? Bored of computer generated maps? Don’t want to wave goodbye to half a printer cartridge to print a map? Need a map with that hand-drawn, old-school feel? Then Raging Swan’s Map Packs are for you!

Deep Caves & Wooded Chasms contains three full-page Old School style maps with attendant keys. Usable in personal campaigns without restriction and in commercial projects under very generous conditions Map Packs are an excellent resource for both GMs and publishers.

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The Concordance RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Anyone seen these maps? I was wondering how they looked...

It's just one map (in two modifications), reminded me of pappan athuk ones.

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