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I do not believe that writers are sacred. I believe that words are. They deserve respect. Put the right ones in the right order, and you can nudge the world a little, or make a poem that your children will speak for you when you are dead.

To convert the unbeliever, you must speak his language. To command an army, your soldiers must understand the bellowed orders of their generals. To trade, to demand surrender or to plead for mercy, to complement or to insult, to seduce, to proselytize, to scheme, to plan....

...a common language must first be found.

From almost the beginning of the hobby, fantasy gamers have used such a common language to allow their characters to communicate with one another, and with their friends and enemies. The omnipresent Common is a mostly unquestioned part and parcel of fantasy gaming. If gamers think about what Common is at all, other than a quickly filled in word on a character record, they tend to imagine Common as some kind of trade language, a pidgin blending words and grammar rules from dozens of other languages.

The Common Tongue is not a hodge-podge trade language.

Learn the origins of the Common Tongue as well as varient rules for employing it. Also included in this Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible PDF are a new deity and his factions, the new Language Cleric domain, four new language-related feats and six new spells.

Do something uncommon with The Common Tongue!

Written by Chris A. Field

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Just wondering if you plan to update your 3.5 OGL products to pathfinder or not. That and if you are going to start selling all of your stuff here as well, like Before the Adventure - Fantastic Origins & Occupations?

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