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There is no wrong way to game, but there is a Rite Way!

The Rite Review #1, which compiles the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game web articles from the front page of, features the The Carrion Wolf by Mark Gedak (Forgotten Foes), The Strife Elemental by Steven D. Russell (Feats 101) and The Stone of Insanity by the ENnie award winning designer Bill Collins (Tales of Zobeck).

There's also 50 Questions: an Interview with the designer of Heroes of the Jade Oath, Frank Carr; 5 Weapon Properties; Four Questhaven articles; an Advanced Elder fiend Succubus Godling; and the Rite Reviews from featured reviewer Shane O'Connor.

Top it all off with gorgeous cover art by Joe Calkins, and editorial by publisher/designer Steven D. Russell (Rite Publishing), all for free in an inspirational and playable package! Download it today!

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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A Free Product


The Rite Review by Rite Publishing.

This product is 56 pages long and free. Cover, credits, intro and ToC take up 4 pages. 17 pages of adds many for Rite Publishing products but not all. Which leaves 35 pages of RPG goodness. I will list each article and how many pages it is.

Relics of Questhaven – (4 pages) It has 3 different relics, with what they do, all their powers and a nice lore section with varied DC's with more lore with each higher DC check. The Relics are basically magic items that grow in power as the PC levels. I love the idea of relics I have seen a couple of other books with items like this. But in short these are magic items you can give players at level one and they will likely hold onto them to 20th level. Written by Steven D. Russel

50 Questions: Interview of Frank Carr - ( 12 pages) This is a section of 50 questions to Frank Carr about the upcoming Heroes of the Jade Oath book and patron project. If you wanted to know anything about the inspirations behind the book or general information about the Project then this is a good read.

The Stone of Insanity – (1 page) It is a mini encounter, basically it is a stone that drives people insane. It has a small section for low, medium and high level play use for the stone. Written by Bill Collins

Raise Dead – (2 pages) A short article about alternate ways of bringing back the dead. Basically it is 5 example ways of how those being raised might come back from the dead wrong, explaining why it happened and the effects of this. A interesting idea if you want to add a little extra fear about dieing in a game where death is often merely a inconvenience. Written by Mark Gadek

Faradian of Questhaven – (2 pages) This is a monster converted from Race for the Crystal Fold, for Questhaven setting using the Pathfinder rules. Written by Steven D. Russel.

Curses - (1 page) This is 3 new cursed items for Pathfinder games. The three items are interesting I especially like the Ring of Vampiric Regeneration. Written by Mark Gedak

Leseli – (2 pages) A Advanced Elder Fiend Succubus. She works at The Rogues Gallery. I am guessing this is taken from the Rite Publishing Product The Rogues Gallery, but it doesn't say that and since I don't own that book I am unsure if this is a reprint or not. It has a IC introduction to the NPC and explains why she is there, followed by her stat block. Written by Steven Russel and Shane O'Connor.

New Monster: Carrion Wolf – (1 page) A stat block for a new type of monster. Written by Mark Gedak

New Monster: Strife Element – (1 page) A stat block for a new monster, this one is from Lorns Entrepot. Written by Steven Russel.

New Magic Items: 5 New Weapon Properties – (1 page) 5 new magic weapon properties from Rite Publishing 101 Magical Weapon Properties. Written by Steven Russel.

Undying Love – (2 pages) This has 3 things that have come back because of love, a short blurb about the 3 types and then a campaign hook for each. Written by Mark Gedak

The Honorable Order of Theurigic Master Craftsmen – (2 pages) This is about how a craftmens guild works in Questhaven. Written by Steven Russel.

Commissioning Cartography – (1 page) It is advice for publishers to give to the cartographer to get the maps they want. Written by Jonathan Roberts

Rite Reviews – (4 pages) 2 reviews, one of Luven Lightfinger's Gear and Treasure Shop and Restless Souls. Review written by Shane O'Connor.

Closing thoughts, well since this product is free I highly recommend it. Like the rest of their products of their I have, this is a very pretty book. The layout is nice with artwork that ranges from fair to good. Artist are Joe Calkins, Hugo Solis, Jason Rainville, Kurt Taylor, Claudia Burgos, Arthur Wang, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Jonathan Roberts, and Inkwell.

I rated this a 5 star product. For the simple reason it is a nice book, gives you a nice taste of Rite Publishing and it's free. It's hard to beat free stuff.

Free! get yours now!

Dark Archive

I posted a review, but since it is free... well I mean really how bad can it be? It's free!

Thanks, for taking the time to review our product Dark Mistress

To answer your question, as per the editoral, these articles all came (except the reviews) from the front page of Rite Publishing's webiste and all of them appear there before, our books become available.

Also all of Mark Gedak's writings are exclusive to the Review, they don't appear in other products.

And special thanks for mentioning that we tried very hard to promote not just our stuff but other stuff from publishers we like.

5 out of 5 does the snoopy happy dance of joy.


It may be free but we try to make it have value.

Dark Archive

Your Welcome and yeah I just wasn't sure if everything was in other products or not. I knew they all came from the web page. Guess I should have mentioned it, but by the end I honestly forgot to add that by the time I read it and wrote the review. I posted a review up at Necro, ENWorld, Drivethru and of course here.

Does any product have rules for creating Elder Fiends or Godlings (like Liseli)?

Yes, Elder fiends, Blackdirge's Templates: Elder Fiend (not sure if that is still for sale), Godlings cam from the Monster's Handbook by Fantasy Flight Games.

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