The Dresden Files RPG: Volume 1—Your Story

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Beneath the normal surface of the world are things and people which most of us don't want to know about, and will do our best to forget about if we ever come near them. People won't see what they don't want to see. But that's most of us. And you—you're not most of us.

What's Your Story?

Whether you're a champion of God, changeling, vampire, werewolf, wizard, or plain vanilla mortal human being, this volume of The Dresden Files RPG gives you all the rules you need to build characters and tell your own stories in the Dresdenverse. Inside, you'll uncover the secrets of spellcasting, the extents of mortal and supernatural power, and the hidden occult reality of the unfamiliar city you call home.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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One of the best. The FATE system is the only system I think that would work for the Dresden Files. As an avid reader of the series, I picked up the RPG. Besides using the FATE system, thus incorporating Aspects, compels and a built-in hero point system, the RPG allows the players to create the city they want to play in with its city design mechanic. Players are tied to each other using a back story system where you work in other players into your story and they are worked into yours.

The layout is top notch. Jim Butcher was involved in the production of the game, and it shows. The book is rife with Dresdenisms, and examples. The sidebar includes commentary from 3 sources, Harry, Bob, and Billy the Werewolf, who "designed" the game. The artwork is great, using casefile examples, portraying many scenes from the books.

The system is so solid, that I will be using it for a Supers conversion, and a Star Wars conversion. Aspects are a great tool for role-playing, and I hope to see similar systems in the future.



Well worth the wait, the Dresden Files lives up to the hype as well as the anticipation. You can read the full review on my blog here.

Is there an expected release date for this? I'm really excited to see what it's got to offer!

Hey, guess what I'm watching right now!

Guess what I'm reading right now!

two can play at this game, professor.

They have a nice website, as well. They were giving away a nice big sample a while back, maybe they still are.

I'd hope so! Who wants to play by themselves?

It should ship to distributors just after Origins. Assuming there is no trouble with the printers.
They are printing it in the US to avoid any customs drama.

I got a PDF download when I pre-ordered it and this and Volume 2 are really awesome books. Can't wait to get my dead tree additions in the mail.

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