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It’s the real world. But it’s not the world that most people think it is. Ghosts haunt old houses. Strange creatures roam the wilderness areas of our world. UFOs fly in our skies, mutilate cattle, and abduct humans for mysterious medical experiments. People live among us who can move objects with their minds, read thoughts and emotions, and even leave their own bodies to travel invisibly. And yes, there are real magicians out there, mages who use elaborate rituals and meditation to cast spells and cause change in our world.

You’re a paranormal investigator. You have a day job, like everyone else, but at night you investigate the mysteries of our world and try to gather proof of the paranormal. You use every means at your disposal to prove, beyond doubt, that the paranormal is real. Using both science and metaphysics as tools, you are part of an elite team that is dedicated to solving these mysteries. You are a member of the Foundation for Paranormal Investigation.

The Unexplained is both an exciting game of dynamic storytelling and a non-fiction book about the paranormal. Build thrilling stories about paranormal investigation while using the real ressources to help you play the characters to their best.

The Unexplained includes:

  • A fully researched, non-fiction "investigator's handbook" that tells you all you need to know to accurately play the part of a real paranormal investigator.
  • A complete setting that lets you blend real-life paranormal investigation with fictional stories and elements.
  • Full details of no less than 11 real ghostly phenomena.
  • Stats and descriptions of 11 real "cryptid" creatures.
  • Three real psychic disciplines and 12 psychic abilities.
  • Stats and descriptions of extra-terrestrial beings that have really been sighted.
  • Descriptions and stories of 9 real ghost ships.
  • A set of ready-to-use characters
  • Quick Start Rules and a ready-to-play adventure.

Written by Bradford Younie

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