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Religion is meant for the masses, not the clerics and the paladins alone. While not everyone can cast divine spells, anyone can live a life dedicated to their god and anyone can pray. Now, the gods listen when your character prays.

Book of the Faithful: Power of Prayer gives you ideas for your next Pathfinder RPG character. Concepts range from the newly converted to those that have lived their whole lives surrounded by their faith to those seeking to learn an aspect of their faith more deeply than they had before. Additionally, there are seventeen new feats, a new magic item and three pieces of equipment ideal for the faithful seeker's enlightenment and protection.

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3.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Book of the Faithful I: Power of Prayer


This pdf consists of 7 pages, 1 front cover, 1 page credits OGL, leaving 5 pages of content.

The editing and formating is ok, the b/w picture is nice.

The pdf starts off promising, with half a page devoted to several prayers from different characters.

Then, we get a nearly two pages spanning introduction to concepts of religious characters, which, in my honest opinion, is wasted space. The ideas presented here are rather run-of-the-mill, and, while certainly useful for novice DMs and players, nothing new there either for me or my players.

After that, the crunch begins with 17 new feats of the new Prayer subtype.

They all have in common that they are activated via immediate actions and can be used once per day, as a sort of extremely minor divine intervention. I like that there is a distinction made in the description, stating that, while the players activates the feat, the character should notice it as NOT his own doing.

The effects only last for one round or for one action and range from "fairly good/perhaps OP" to "Why would I take this feat again?"

"Agile Feet" lets you ignore difficult terrain and associated penalties for one round.

"Held at Death's Door" automatically lets you survive one hit per day, that would otherwise kill you and instead stabilizes you 1 hp from dying. Cool idea.
However: This WILL be metagamed by your PCs, even if they RP it accordingly, the idea in their heads will be: "I'll heal you next round, you've still got your extra life left..."

"Lucky Dodge" gives you a nice divine bonus to Ref once per day. This is one of the really nice talents within.

"Touch of Goodness" enables you to once per day make half of the damage of a single attack of yours holy damage. Yay?

"Protect thy Neighbor" grants you once per day, when you aid another, the ability to increase the Ac bonus to +4. Holy smokes. Why would anyone take this?

"In Glorious Madness", the ability for worshipers of gods of madness gives a bonus to Intimidate, if you have enough ranks the bonus doubles. Also, you get +2 to the intimidating glare rage power, if you have it.

This really disappointed me. Come on. The feat is called "In Glorious Madness". I'd have loved to see something far out, innovative. Instead, its another one of the +x skill, if you have enough ranks +y feats. There are, this one including, 3 of them.

The pdf finishes with a minor magical charm and 3 example books that should have been provided for all religions. A layman's tome, a cleric's tome and a book of parables, all general so you can put your own religions and use their weight and worth as a nice guideline.

Albeit I may have come over as harsh, this is not a bad pdf. It's just not made for me. The abilities seem to be somewhat strangely balanced (aid another once per day +4? Awesome, let's waste a feat-slot on that) and the feats did not captivate me. While the fluff in the beginning is nice, the ideas for devout characters and the feats themselves remain rather bland for my tastes. After the introduction and the fluff there, I was disappointed by the actual prayers.

I think that if they were an additional system like incantations, they'd work much better.
Or if they were used by the DM and not in the players control.
If there e.g. was a concise way presented within for the DM to track favor with deities and then administer the benefits to the praying faithful, this would be a completely different book.
As presented, it's unfortunately just another book of feats, and not one that really made me yell with excitement. For the price, it's ok, I guess.

Review of Book of the Faithful 1 – Power of Prayer


Disclaimer: This is an honest review of a material that was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of said honest review. I am in no way affiliated with the company in question.

First Impressions: After a quick perusal of the material, I was definitely interested as any new mechanics get me excited.

What you get: You get 5 pages of material, excluding trade dress.

Art: Good quality black & white hand artwork.

Fluff: Nice Fluff, I enjoy the background prayer info.

Crunch: What you get. There is 1 magic item; three prayer books in the equipment section. The best part is the mechanics for the (prayers), a quick, once daily effect based upon which deity you call upon, minor effects, but really well thought out. I’ll have to see them in action with play testing to see if any are over-powered, but minor tweaks would be all that is needed.

Grammar & Editing: Minor, nothing to really be concerned about.

Value: Excellent value for the 99 cent price tag. As there are new mechanics, players would need their GM Approval to use the mechanics. I would want it in my library and would consider it a good purchase for me.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

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3.5 Private Sanctuary (5 stars)

Dark Archive

Sounds like a interesting idea. Something that might need to be expanded on.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Anyone get this yet? What did you think?

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Well if you want to check out the feats inside and judge for yourself, I am putting them up (slowly) at More than half of them are up so far. I try to add 1-2 every day or two. So hopefully this time next week they will be all up.

The Exchange

Dale's been graciously posting content from his books on the site. I recommend folks check the content out and then give this book a shot.

I have both books. I like them as divine favours granted by a diety to a faithful follower, or perhaps as an achievement feat.

Some really cool ideas in there.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Hey Check it out. We have a 4 star review! Thank you very much.

I'm glad you like it Denim N Leather.

I'm sorry, I really wanted to like this book. :<

Dark Archive

Endzeitgeist wrote:
I'm sorry, I really wanted to like this book. :<

You're like anti-claus arn't you end. :)

Yeah, I'm slim, dark, long-haired, grumpy and post disappointed reviews of products I bought rather than received....
Guess, I am really the Anti-Claus. Or I'm some kind of avatar of the Santa from "Santa Slays". :D

Dark Archive

Endzeitgeist wrote:

Yeah, I'm slim, dark, long-haired, grumpy and post disappointed reviews of products I bought rather than received....

Guess, I am really the Anti-Claus. Or I'm some kind of avatar of the Santa from "Santa Slays". :D


Jon Brazer Enterprises

Still, I appreciate that you took the time to review the book. Thank you.

I much preferred your second book! And I really hope you evolve the idea, as I think it is a good idea. :)

Jon Brazer Enterprises

I appreciate it. I'll work on it for BotF #3.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

The price of this has been permanently reduced to $0.99. Long live the faithful.

Jon Brazer Enterprises

This was our original Pathfinder product and it is still great.

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