Dredan—Realm of Metal & Myth Campaign Setting (OGL) PDF

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An RPG Campaign Setting that crashes Science Fiction and fantasy together in a concise volume for DMs and Players alike. A detailed rule set mixing ancient and futuristic play within 28 planetary systems encompassing 74 planets. You are no longer limited to one world within a material plane.

Dredan is an OGL product using the standard 3.5 system of rules mixed with the Traveller RPG (T20) rules.

    Dredan contains:
  • 227 pages
  • 122 images
  • New character races
  • New Prestige classes
  • New Spells, domains, items and equipment

If you don't like science fiction and strictly play fantasy, you can use one of the many planets depicted in this campaign setting. Dredan offers you the freedom to play futuristic or classic fantasy adventures.

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