GameMastery Campaign Coins: Gold (10, 50, 100)

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Add real change to your game with GameMastery Campaign Coins—actual minted coins perfect for use with any fantasy roleplaying game!

Campaign Coins offer a high-quality, "real-feel" fantasy game monetary system with actual metal coins representing the different metals and denominations commonly found in popular gaming systems. So much more immersive than conventional "pen & paper" recording of your hard earned loot, Campaign Coins create more opportunities for creative roleplaying as you actually hand over cash at your local tavern, bribe a town guard to look the other way, or pay passage to the next exotic port!

Game Masters, reward your players with cold, hard cash after an epic battle or the plundering of a long lost tomb. Players, equip yourself with a belt pouch and guard your precious coin.

This pack contains 12 gold-toned metal coins in denominations of 10, 50, and 100 (4 coins of each denomination).

ISBN: 978-1-60125-242-5

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Good but not great

****( )

I bought these because I was excited by the designs, the variety of denominations, and the bright color, and was hoping for notable weight in each coin. Initially, I was overall pleased with the product, having 3 of my 4 criteria met.

However it's been about a year and I still haven't played with them yet. Their luster or shininess doesn't appear as pronounced as the picture on this page. To get close to the bright color shown here they need to be viewed in direct sunlight or under a strong halogen lamp. When I first bought them, this was what disappointed me most is the dim color in comparison to the picture. Inactive aging doesn't seem to have changed that - at least not very noticeably.

Otherwise their weight is very good, and don't seem very malleable (susceptible to damage). I don't know how they stand up to regular use - if the paint wears off or if a light polish would damage them. They were clean and seemed new when I received them.

I don't like the alternative, electronic arcade game coins. I would recommend the package on this page, despite the high price.

Are these the same Campaign Coins as before or are the designed for Golarion setting?

A $1 per coin? Sorry, as cool as they look I'll keep using my ceramic poker chips.

Liberty's Edge

Dark Psion wrote:
Are these the same Campaign Coins as before or are the designed for Golarion setting?

They look to be the same.


At 1 dollar a coin it would be cheaper to use real money.

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