GameMastery Campaign Coins: Copper (1, 2, 5)

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Add real change to your game with GameMastery Campaign Coins—actual minted coins perfect for use with any fantasy roleplaying game!

Campaign Coins offer a high-quality, "real-feel" fantasy game monetary system with actual metal coins representing the different metals and denominations commonly found in popular gaming systems. So much more immersive than conventional "pen & paper" recording of your hard earned loot, Campaign Coins create more opportunities for creative roleplaying as you actually hand over cash at your local tavern, bribe a town guard to look the other way, or pay passage to the next exotic port!

Game Masters, reward your players with cold, hard cash after an epic battle or the plundering of a long lost tomb. Players, equip yourself with a belt pouch and guard your precious coin.

This pack contains 12 copper-toned metal coins in denominations of 1, 2, and 5 (4 coins of each denomination).

ISBN: 978-1-60125-237-1

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Average product rating:

3.30/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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RE: Elemental Foe


I think theyre more for flare, than an actual substitute for writing down your money. I just bought 3 packs of the gold coins, and I use them in my game for theatricals. Like a dice bag filled with them, and maybe a 20 gauge shotgun shell for added thunk and there you have a reward, bribe or whatever else you can dream up.



It took a while for my FLGS to get these in stock, but it was definitely worth the wait. I bought five sets of campaign coins: Copper (1,2,5); Silver (1,2,5); Gold (1,2,5); Platinum (1,2,5) and (10,50,100). Between these five sets, I have enough coins for all four of my players at the lower levels of game play. When they reach 10 copper, I upgrade them to a silver, when they reach 10 silver, I upgrade them to a gold, etc.

As the game progresses and the characters acquire more wealth, I plan on picking up some additional high-platinum coins, but I'm otherwise set. The art on these coins is attractive, and making them in different shapes was a great idea, as it makes it extremely easy to tell the different denominations apart at a quick glance. This is easily one of the most satisfying gaming accessory purchases that I've made in recent years.



I bought a large amount of these coins from gencon--they are THE SAME EXACT ONES MARKETED BY THE AUSTRAILIAN GROUP UNDER THE NAME CAMPAIGN COINS. I bought two starter boxes and several sleeves of additional coins for my games. They look great at first glance, but are a dissapointment. They come in unwieldy shapes and sizes, you cannot tell which denomination they are very easily without a magnifying glass, and WORST: I spent over 150.00 and still dont have enough coins for everyday amounts of money you need to adequately use these coins in play. A bit of a scam when you think about the need to shell out over a hunderd dollars on just one coin type(ie., copper) to get enough for one player to use them appropriately.

Grand Lodge

Not going to say a whole lot as I haven't used them, but the review is probably more appropriate over at the proper product that they are reviewing.

Campaign Coins

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I have bought some of the similar coins from the Australian company.

$1/coin seems a dear price to pay for these. It almost seems like what is needed is a "McDonald's"esque foray into foreign coins. For 10-20 bucks, you can get hundreds to thousands of coins. Wow! Centavos are cp, 5 centavos are silver pieces, etc.

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