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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 7th to 11th level characters (Tiers: 7–8 and 10–11).

Something is afoot at Cayden's Hall, the carousing temple-pub in Absalom where Cayden Cailean's faithful pay homage to their Drunken Hero. Pathfinder agent Osprey and his demonologist companion send you to investigate the truth behind a long-rumored demonic lab said to exist beneath the temple-pub's sticky floors. A trail of murders led Osprey to Cayden's Hall and his demonologist sees clues that denizens of the Abyss are involved. It's up to you to find out what demons want with the Drunken Hero's largest temple. Bar fights, revelry, song, and drink await within the Hall of Drunken Heroes.

Written by Tim Hitchcock

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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***** (based on 10 ratings)

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A rip-roaring good time. If you don't want to GM insanity and hilarity, don't run this scenario, because a boring GM would just ruin this. But if you enjoy goofiness, this is the one for you.

MUST HAVE scenario


After writing a bunch of season 3 reviews, I felt it was important for me to pay homage to some of the earlier season scenarios which I've experienced. The Hall of Drunken Heroes is my absolute favorite scenario of all to date. Not only did I enjoy reading it and running it, I take this scenario to every convention in case I should have an opportunity to DM it. I consider this a "must have" scenario for any PFS player and at least "highly recommended" to any DM. This is a story of comedy, drinking, friendship, love and danger!

Admittedly, the story is quite linear which I would usually count against a scenario. However, I really felt as though the story and premise was so fantastic that I was willing to give 5 stars and diverge from my preference of sandbox/open-ended/unique scenarios. I think my main attraction to this scenario is how every NPC had solid motivations - however, there really were so many subtleties which I probably enjoyed without even realizing it.

DM complexity - average
I spent about 6-8 hours preparing the scenario - probably because I enjoyed it so much. I think could probably have been prepped in about 4 hours since it's a fairly linear story.

Player complexity - average
Nothing you wouldn't expect as far as an encounter for Tier 7-11 - grab your fav drink and get those dice out!


Temple/Tavern of Cayden Cailean - it should be every DM/PC's goal to make sure that they go down in the history of Pathfinder Chronicles as being responsible for one of the burnings of this Temple. The tavern brawl is an excellent opportunity for the DM to come up with possible "accidents" which occur as the PCs charge around the Tavern. As a DM, I didn't believe that burning down the Temple needs to end the scenario so have fun with it (and make each player roll for setting the tavern on fire for each combat action they take).

Dream/Nightmare sequence - it was wonderful having an undefeatable NPCs. DMs - please make sure to take your time with this fight so that the PCs get the slow sinking feeling of failure and watching their comrades fall. If you run this TPK too quickly, your PCs will catch on that they are fighting in a dream/nightmare sequence.

Ephierone and Graz - what awesome characters. Yes, Ephierone is the typical little succubus in terms of her methods of control but for the demonic pair to be in love? The module doesn't directly elude to this but she does rush to Graz's aid, bring his favorite weapon (and know where it is) and if she dies, he fights to the death (perhaps for revenge)? I generally run this scenario with Ephierone and two Shadow Demons (assuming that one summoned the other and that Ephierone's summoning fails). I would like to believe that eventually someday, I'll be able to allow our star-crossed lovers to escape with a happy ending. However, until then, they shall have to exist only in tragedy.

Hall of drunken yahoos


I have played, but not read or GMed this one.

This adventure was a blast. Cool ultra-tough encounter that has non-standard consequences. Lots of flavor and a unique item on the chronicle sheet.

The Party Never Stops!


One of my favorite scenarios to run. The role playing opportunities are abundant (Gnome demonologist with facial palsy? Excellent!), and the combats provide for several unique experiences (WTF is that thing?!). Don't miss this one!

Very nice drinking game


This is such a fun break from your dungeon crawl. There is fun role playing, great NPCs, and this really neat map. Now the monster at mid-game makes it all so very worth while. I hope to run this for a group soon for it was a blast to play.

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Available now!

I gotta say, this sounds fantastic. Looking forward to it!

I'm excited to see what the Pathfinder Society community thinks. Personally, this might be my most favorite scenario ever. :-)

... u mean i get an adventure for my deity... ahhh. squeel o im so gonna have to make sure im in this one. where my sign up sheet lol

SPOILERS abound!

Is the primordial demon incorporeal or not, it doesn't possess the icorporeal quality?

Paizo Employee Franchise Manager

It has the incorporeal subtype and the incorporeal defensive ability. The actual rules for incorporeality are in the Universal Monster Rules section of the Bestiary, and are therefor not reprinted in monster statblocks themselves.

Thank you very much, Mark!

Me again:

How is the primordial demon able to grapple as the module says when it incorpreal?

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Quick Question:
Are the PCs condsidered incorporeal when in the dream realm fighting the primordial demon?

Mark Moreland wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I have a question on the stat block then.

Primordial Demon:
You say that it has the Incorporeal Subtype which includes this:
In addition, creatures with the incorporeal subtype gain the incorporeal special quality.

The Incorporeal special quality says this:
An incorporeal creature has no natural armor bonus...

Yet, the stat block block contains an not insubstantial +12 natural armor bonus. It appears that is incorrect. Or am I missing something?

Grand Lodge

Pg. 11 & 12 - Primordial demon and advanced primordial demon stat blocks

In both of these stat blocks, replace the devil subtype with the evil subtype.

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