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Award-winning tales of adventure chosen by Open Design patrons!

A city of wonders, and a city of corruption and despair. Zobeck is home to gypsies, kobolds, powerful guilds and seductive devils, a crossroads city where the people of all corners of the compass come to barter, cheat, and deal.

  • The Gullet War, by Ed Greenwood—a location of intrigue and action
  • The Madman at the Bridge, by Wolfgang Baur—a race against destruction for 5th-level characters
  • Knave of Parts, by Bill Collins—an urban legend for 4th–6th-level characters
  • Tail of the Mouse-King, by Tim & Eileen Connors—a murder mystery for 5th-level characters
  • A Plague of Shadows, by Joshua Stevens—a mystery for 1st-level characters
  • The Devil You Know, by Jim Groves & Mike McArtor—an adventure for 4th-level characters
  • The Maiden in the Glass, by Dan Voyce—a ghost story for 5th-level characters
  • Redcloak Ruckus, by Ben McFarland—a riotous adventure for 6th-level characters

Winner of the 2009 ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book! Because of the award, this is the first Open Design patron project to be made available to the public.

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Is $19.99 really the correct price for this PDF??? The other PDF products in the line are no more than $9.99, which leads me to think the price might be an error?

Webstore Gninja Minion

Checking with the publisher!

Webstore Gninja Minion

And checked—this price is accurate.

Thanks for the rapid turnaround, Liz. Any explanation as to why it's so much more expensive? Does the product have a significantly higher page count?

The Exchange Contributor; Publisher, Kobold Press; RPG Superstar Judge

Good questions, TwiceBorn! This was originally a limited-edition project, available only to its backers and not for sale otherwise. When it won the ENnie Award, it was made available to the public, at the same price that backers had paid for it.

So, the pricing is a matter of fairness to the project's original sponsors, more than anything.

I can attest to the content being worth every cent!

Thanks for your replies/feedback, Wolfgang and J. Christopher. That's a reasonable answer, Wolfgang.


The adventures are very good. I've used several in my home campaign.

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